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swimming benefits

Top 10 Benefits Of Swimming

Being active and healthy is very important for children and people of all ages, and swimming is one of the best exercise incorporated with all the benefits to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Swimming is a matchless way for children and adults of all abilities to stay active and learn valuable skills. Children can typically start learning to swim the formal ways at the age as young as 6 months old to get them to first familiarize and break the fear of water first. Prior to that there are also children who start at younger age like 4 with adult supervision and still enjoy the benefits of swimming. Research have also shown that swimming can keep you away from cancer such as prostate cancer which was recently announced after a scientific research who made follow up to more than 47,000 men for the past 14 years in America.

According to the research, the volunteers had joined and done different intensity exercises such as swimming, running, cycling, gymnastics etc. The results have shown that if man can swim 30 minutes every day, the risk of prostate cancer will be greatly reduced. And also findings have also shown that the prolonged large intensity exercises such as running, gymnastics, cycling will cause a 30% increase in the probability to getting prostate cancer. That is due to the congestion or edema of prostate which may lead to prostate cancer. Edema symptoms are usually noticeable, such as swelling of leg, ankle and foot.

Swimming Benefits Pointers

  • Improves and foster social well-being
  • Kids who learn how to swim become more active adults.
  • Swimming makes you more intelligent and smarter.
  • Helps to maintain weight and burns more calories than jogging.
  • Swimming opposes stress and depression.
  • Salt-water swimming give your skin a free detox and makes it look
  • smoother and healthier
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Swimming is the best exercise for a longer life with studies supported studies.
  • Swimming can miraculously cure asthma.
  • Swimming stops insomnia and nightmares.

This are just but part of the benefits of swimming, moderate your exercise and start incorporating swimming as part of your exercise routine. It’s always good if you have already got this swimming skills equipped into your mind toolbox. For those who would like to know about swimming and learn more, you can check out There are daily updates to keep you learning and gaining valuable updated knowledge of swimming,

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