Starting early and baby swimming

Baby swimming and starting early is essential for future swimming lessons Swimming is one of the most useful skill everyone should be equipped with. It is a life saving skill that works out the whole system of our body, drive faster physical development. This will in turn help us improve the health. One of the [...]
swimming instructor

Part time job in singapore for students

Part time job in Singapore for students "School holiday again... and what to do next?" We will help you in evaluating and giving you options to the best part time job in Singapore for students. Why not teach swimming lessons with the skill you have? Like the guy on top in this video, provide photography [...]
freestyle swimming

10 Secrets to Master Freestyle Swimming

10 Secrets to Master Freestyle Swimming Rather than overloading your mind with too much information without filtering the effective ones and trying to effectively experiment every thing all at once (a common problem for almost anyone trying to pick up swimming or stroke corrections), you could have master every different basic elements within several months […]