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Buying swimming suit Singapore?

Buying swimming suit Singapore? Are you currently looking to buy swimming suit in Singapore? Given Singapore humid and all-summer weather with temperature fluctuating within 32 Celsius. It will be really tempting to wear beachwear, swimsuits alike all day long. However, buying swimming suit in Singapore can be quite a time consuming event accompanied with challenging [...]

The history of swimming

Swimming is a kind of sports that burns you a lot of calories and is does on water with only yourself and some physical movements. It is comfortable on the joints, works all the big and small muscle groups in our body. It helps to keep your heart moving and improves your cardiovascular strength like [...]

The Best Swimming Regime: Weight Watchers

Nowadays there are more and more people getting obese worldwide, there has been a lot of researches and a lot of talks about how heavier Singaporeans are now then compared to the 1960s when Singapore just gained independence. Obesity are associated directly or indirectly to a lot of health problems and issues such as diabetes, [...]