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Education is the kindling of flame, not the filling of a vessel
“Give them chance to experience learning.”

#1 Benefits Of Baby Swimming Lessons

Recent research in the neuroscience and human development, scientist explains the importance of starting to build physical capability as early as cradle stage. The result turns out those who started physical education early bring about significant differences as compared to others who started late. The ability of absorbing information and process of developing many other skills such as curiosity, perseverance, and the ability to tackle future tough challenges are also greatly heightened for those babies who started learning earlier.

#2 Achievable Goals For Baby Swimming Lessons

Water Familiarisation

Water Safety

Water Confidence

Greater Independence

Basic Propulsion

Basic Buoyancy

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
“Let us all raise smarter children and develop child’s many ways of being smart!”

As a swim school, we work to enhance student achievements and learning. For years we have been developing good instructional strategies to make learning more engaging and more effective for students of all ages. Studies found that schools which adopted the multiple intelligences reported substantial gains on baby developments and increase in Intelligence Quotients on the later years. Great improvements were also shown on the area of art, music, physical education, better social relations as well as the understanding of nature and self.

#3 Where do we conduct our water babies swimming lessons?

All of our swim classes are conducted in private swimming pools, water temperature that are too high or too low might actually be negative or dangerous for  the baby swimming lessons. We look all this into our factors when conducting swimming lessons. The ideal temperatures for swimming with babies range from 32 degree celsius to 33 degree celsius, although lower temperatures might be acceptable if the day is quite warm for example if the weather condition is 26 degree celsius.

We believe in putting real time situation for babies to adapt earlier. Mild and harsh environment might be one of the best condition to enable your babies to put in the hard work early, get adapted to swimming and build strong foundations for their later swimming.

#4 Any dangers of babies swimming in warm water?

Although warm water can make pools more comfortable for babies, excessive temperatures can lead to poor physical reactions like light-headedness, muscle spasms or vomiting, according to proven research and reports from Cable News Network. However, these effects are more likely to occur during high-intensity swimming, such as racing or professional-level training. Warm water can also create circumstances for bacteria or diseases to breed, according to EHA Consulting Group Inc. Parents should monitor their babies carefully for signs of illness or discomfort in the warm pool water. Interrupt a swimming lesson if you observe your baby reacting negatively.


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