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#1 Swimming as an essential life skills

Investment in knowledge pays the best interest!
“Good investment for your aspiring kids”

Every parent wants a better future for their kids. Investing in academic and physical knowledge is a double win situation in planning the future of kids. Be it the time, effort and money or combination of all of them will be repaid in proportion to the usefulness of the knowledge and skills gained. Investing in skills which there is little use will take longer to repay than a selected skills in great demand. Swimming skills is an essential skills which will only grow in demand in future, a crucial investment which will pay your kids with interest in the future. This means you not only get back the money you invested in for swimming lessons, they will get back even more with knowledge and skills gained via the private swimming lessons for kids.

#2 Improve academic performance!

Swimming skills help kids to perform better academically. Studies have found that children who took part in organized sports and frequent physical activities were one and a half times more likely to reach higher than expected grades in all their subjects. Swimming lessons give students a chance to experience success in sports and therefore increase the pupils’ confidence and self-esteem along the way.  

Make time for family, friends and fun
“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

  • Swimming lessons encourage balance in life from stressful academic performance.
  • Spending time with friends and family improve social skills
  • Listening to all their favorite music helps in stress management
  • Having fun, enjoying life and developing important physical skills 
  • Learn to appreciate small things in life and create happiness.

#3 Why should all kids learn to swim?

  • Safety – Safety does not happen from accident
  • Exercise – For better health
  • Life-Long Skills
  • Fun – We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing
  • Career Opportunity – Foresight, great future will come if we plan it earlier, many years in advance
  • Social Opportunity
  • Leisure
  • Virtues Development – Be in general virtuous, and you will be happy
  • Health is wealth

#4: Swimsafer Singapore National Standard Swimming Certifications Programs

swimsafer stage 1
Swimsafer Stage 1 Beginner

Main objective is to develop confidence and independence in the water. Students will learn how to enter the water safely and how to be safe in deep water. General safety knowledge alongside learning how to move forward and backward in the water are taught as well. Personal survival skills and the ability to properly enter and exit the pool will be covered here. Read more – Swimsafer Stage 1

Swimsafer Stage 2 Intermediate

Additional skills on how to get into the water and how to perform surface dive are covered. Sculling personal safety skills and awareness of where and what to react in different water situations will be introduced as well. Students will be taught how to swim continuously for 25 metres and build proficiency with practice. Read more – Stage 2

Swimsafer Stage 3 Intermediate

This stage students will be introduced to rescue skills alongside water survival skills. Students will be taught to more enhance underwater, sculling skills and how to handle the personal flotation devices. Students will be taught how to swim continuously for 50 metres and build proficiency with practice. Read more -Swimsafer Stage 3

swimsafer bronze
Swimsafer Stage Bronze Advanced

Students will learn how to handle stroke techniques and perform coordinated breathing in deep water. This also works with helping to get children to know how to be safe around water craft and how to work with intermediate water survival and rescue skills. Students will be taught how to swim continuously for 100 metres and build proficiency with practice to achieve their goal. Read more- Swimsafer Bronze

swimsafer silver
Swimsafer Stage Silver Advanced

Students will be exposed to proper diving techniques and safety measures to check before doing the dive. This essential stage will allow students to handle and execute all swimming strokes accurately so that the student can get to the last stage. Read more – Swimsafer Silver

swimsafer gold
Swimsafer Stage Gold Advanced

The last stage. Students will be corrected on all strokes and techniques and be taught to practice to be able to swim for 400m continuously. Students will also learn how to stay afloat with ease for long period of time as well. Advanced life-saving rescue, standing dive and safety skills will be taught. Read more – Swimsafer Gold

#5 Swimming Lessons For Kids

All our swimming lessons are island-wide. We provide private swimming lessons for kids too in condominiums and clubhouses.

More about Swimsafer Certifications

Swimsafer Certificates are awarded after graduating from the swimming classes for kids. For more information on Swimsafer Test Registration and Swimsafer Test Fees. Please message us via the enquiry page.


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