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Why toddlers swimming lessons?

Formal toddler swimming lessons and learning how to swim at the toddler’s stage play a huge role in the child’s future development. There are numerous benefits to have toddlers take up swimming lessons even though children under the age of 3 will not usually learn to swim competitive strokes like front crawl or breast stroke first. Swimming lessons at this stage are usually used for building better awareness, staying healthy in the long term, increase social skills, brain development and building precious memories that will last a lifetime for the toddlers.

The root of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet!
“Let each child know their potential by engaging all education pathways and exploring multiple intelligences.”

Benefits of taking swimming lessons at toddler’s stage

#1: Swimming provides confidence booster

Swimming builds confidence through the simple achievement and skills acquired. This helps to foster the self-esteem in them. There are always something to learn for every swimming sessions and when you build on something which has been taught from the previous lessons, this will make them think that they are capable of doing anything and everything.

#2: Water Awareness

Toddlers can begin the swimming regimens at this stage. We are born cushioned inside a fluid-filled water bag in mother’s womb during pregnancy. So naturally children love water, teaching them how to swim in it and giving them swimming lessons can give them memories they can hold on for a lifetime. Swimming skills is like riding a bicycle, best learned while we are still young. We will never forget it at this optimum skills retention stage.  

#3: Staying healthy!

Swimming is one of the best exercise as it give your body a full workout with less chances of getting any injuries. Swimming skills can be taken anywhere in the world, easier to keep in shape when they know how to swim.

#4: Social Skills.

Swimming alongside with your toddler is the best bonding experiences to establish with your children. It provides you with not outside distractions and a quality social sessions that kids will crave.

#5: Swimming is wonderful for a child’s brain

Swimming create a complex and diverse experiences and directs a child higher level brain development. It improves memory, learning and reasoning establishment.

Achievable goals for toddler swimming lessons

  • Basic swimming efficiency
  • Basic water confidence
  • Sculling and advanced buoyancy and propulsion
  • Basic applications of swimming techniques and skills
  • Preparations to swimming certifications
  • Out of water and in water safety procedures

Swimming is one of the best way to develop and enhance kinesthetic intelligence

#1: How do we develop kinesthetic intelligence

  • Acting the actions on the pool deck and repetitive practice in the pool
  • Engage toddlers with swimming sports, swimming gymnastics and water ballets
  • Touch and manipulate movements and resistance in the water
  • Building a model and interactive ways to learn with toys

#2: Typical professions associated with kinesthetic intelligence

  • Athletics
  • Swimming Coach
  • Life guard
  • Actors
  • Sports Coach

#3: Famous individuals with strong kinesthetic intelligence

  • Tiger Woods
  • Olivia Li Jia Wei
  • Joseph Schoolings

Where are our toddler swimming classes usually conducted?

  • All Private Swimming Pools.
  • 25 Public Swimming Pools

*Currently Dempsey hill toddler swimming lessons will be closed for the next 6 months till October 2018.


Weekdays 8.00 - 21.00
Weekends 8.00 - 21.00


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