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Swimming Coach Singapore - Why should we learn swimming from certified swimming coaches?

A good swimming coach is essential to learning swimming properly. During and after the learning process a trained lifeguard is essential as simple things can lead to accidents (cramps, loss of consciousness or medical condition, etc) in deep or even shallow water.

A good coach will guide you all the essential techniques to survival and how to swim with less effort and produces a faster and better propulsion. At the very least, I think everyone should take swimming lessons for learning basic strokes, floating and “treading water”. Being (“able to stand in water”) in both shallow and deep water are essentials for your own safety.

Besides, learning how to swim the “do it yourself” ways will usually lead to poor techniques and extra wastage of energy trying to wrestle the water trying to float instead of just putting focus on swimming. That explains the everyday news reports of people drowning in natural lakes, swimming pools, reservoirs even though they “know” swimming.

According to the center for disease control, “Drowning is the sixth leading cause of unintentional injury death for people of all ages and the second leading causes of death for children between ages 1-15 years old.

Learning from coach will get you to the right techniques and practices that works, at the end you will also get certifications which will back you up and give you confidence in your swimming proficiency. Some students will even further their swimming proficiency to become swim coaches and lifeguards after graduating from swimming lessons. Swim coaches and lifeguard are well paid in Singapore. With lifeguard paid an average SGD9 – SGD 15 per hour and private swimming coach Singapore are paid from SGD 30 – SGD 50 per hour. Both careers are highly sought after as a good part time job to supplement income, provide good work-life balance great for both students and adults seeking to earn an extra good income on their own time.

In a competitive society now like Singapore, it’s always good to have a good back-up plans to fall back at. As Benjamin franklin always said “Investment In knowledge pays the best interest.” Invest and start learning to swim the right way will lead you to a better career, better life and better health! So at the end of the day you get back your money getting to learn from swim coaches and you get back even more for what you paid for during the swimming lessons right?

There are 3 aspects in swimming:

Swimming techniques

Learning the swim techniques properly means that you can swim smoothly efficiently without wasting energy in making bubbles or getting easily tired after swimming for some time.

Swimming Instructors

Many people I know claim themselves to know swimming but usually what I see are really simple dog-paddling or incorrect techniques. This techniques are usually not practical when comes to more open water area if you want to pursue water sports which are mostly done in the sea.  There are everyday news of people drowning even though they “know” swimming.

Even if these people are able to swim well, they are usually not able to teach well or impart that skill to others easily by observing them, understanding what exactly they’re doing wrong and correcting the wrong action. Most people will just keep repeating “Just do what I’m showing you. Practice and you will get it after some time. It’s easy!”

A swim instructor on the other hand are professionally- trained to guide you on all the effective methods to leaning swimming step by step. Swim instructors in Singapore usually go through many stringent qualifications before attaining NROC (National Registry of Coaches) license to teach swimming in Singapore. So be well assured that coaches will teach you the proper swimming, able to manage swimming well themselves, impart that knowledge and various mini-drills to learn the total stroke part-by-part and later integrating all the elements to get the full stroke right. They are also trained in the scientific principles that make swimming easy or difficult.

Swimming Conditions

Swimming sessions in a shallow, clean, well-lit swimming pool is quite different from swimming in natural conditions like strong currents/tides/whirlpools, murky water containing weeds, obstacles, rocks, weather (cold, hot, flash-floods during rains). Trying to rescue others without knowing how to avoid being dragged down by the other person is also one problem.

Where to learn swimming?

So let’s get started and invest in your most valuable asset “yourself.” Friendly Dolphin learn to swim programs are structured and follow effective teaching methods aligned with Ministry of Education standard. Our teaching method follow the multiple intelligence way and get our students to learn swimming in a shorter time possibly required. Learn swimming from our certified swimming coach today and become swimsafer certified tomorrow!

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