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Swimming is a kind of sports that burns you a lot of calories and is does on water with only yourself and some physical movements.
It is comfortable on the joints, works all the big and small muscle groups in our body.
It helps to keep your heart moving and improves your cardiovascular strength like no other sports.
It is less intensive and yet produces a greater overall well-being physically and mentally.

Competitive Swimming.

According to reports from Wikipedia, We human beings have been swimming for years and years all the way dated back to millennial years ago.
There are stone-age cave drawings to depict and show people swimming around southwestern Egypt.
Initially strokes as depicted from the pictures are that ancient people that time used to only swim with primitive strokes like breaststroke and doggy paddle.
And it got advanced to more concentration on breaststrokes most probably because of the less strength and better efficiency as compared to doggy paddle.

The sport of swimming grew larger from 1930, swimmers and coaches started to come out with new techniques particularly in an attempt to make the breast stroke faster.
That was also when the double over the water arm recovery and dolphin kick was introduced and after refinement, combined and formed the butterfly strokes.
During those days from 1930-1950, butterfly strokes was introduced as an alternative strokes to breaststrokes.
Until 1950s, when tumble turns, flip turns were introduced, butterfly became a fashioned separate strokes.

The one who created a spite in swimming

The history of swimming is varied and documented. From the sidestroke to the breaststroke and the newest revolutionised butterfly strokes. Swimming had remained an exciting and ever-evolving sports.

The history of swimming had been a fun and gradual evolution of simple human innovation to help us better live our life.
It’s always good if you have already got this swimming skills equipped into your mind toolbox.
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