Swim Safer Swimming Proficiency Stats in Singapore

There is clearly a swimming teaching skills gap among many swimming schools in Singapore.


of our students passing swim safer certifications from stage 1 to stage 6 annually.

97.87 %

are water safety and are satisfied with their swimming progressions even after our swimming lessons. They tend to love swimming and grew passions with it.


of our students are swimsafer certified and moved on to lifesaving certifications.

Source: Annual Report Swim Safer Program 2018

Be the best and learn from the best!

Develop the love for swimming, kick off from solid ground, stay competive and get water safe.

Industry Veterans, Certified Swimming Instructors.

We are a team of 89 swimming instructors and have over a decade of experience in their respective fields.

Friendly Dolphin swimming instructors are certified by strict regulations of NROC, SSTA and AUSTSWIM. They will also need to have Standard First Aid, CPR  and Singapore Lifesaving Awards as prerequisites criterias to meet before selected into our swim school. Friendly Dolphin Instructors will be the right instructors qualified to teach National Swimsafer Program under MOE.  As well as Lifesaving program and assess your kids for Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards. All our swimming instructors are skilled to provide aquatic education to infant and toddler, adults and kids alike.

We have trust record of certifying more than 10,000 students offline in Heartbeat@Bedok swimming complex, Tampines hub swimming complex, Pasir ris swimming complex, Bukit batok swimming complex, Woodland swimming complex, Yio chu kang swimming complex, Jurong East, Queenstown and Jurong west swimming complex.

We love the water and believe swimming is one of the most valuable skill that is never too late or too early to start with. Millions of people have done it before you and millions more will do it after you. We will conquer the fears of water with you and teach you water confidence. Water will never be scary anymore, it can be calm and gentle containing a lot of fun if you know how to swim with it.

Friendly Dolphin Swim School pledge to help our students reach their potential swimming proficiency thus securing their own and others water safety at the end of the learning journey, We will impart our students with sound and professional water safety knowledge and skills.


of singaporeans rated themselves NOT proficient in a lifesaving skill and know the importance of knowing how to swim.

97.87 %

agreed that swimming is an essential life skill for everyone to learn for all ages.


think that no matter what age swimming is essential for many future endeavors.

Kick off on solid ground and stay competitive in the digital economy.


Hear what our learners have to say about our courses

“This course has been extremely useful to me and help me break the many years of swimming in deep water. I would strongly recommend those who are currently water phobic to have try out this swimming lessons, learn to be more independent during swimming and get better.”

Kyle Lim

“It has been supremely useful after attending the course, i was able to swim without aid and support for the first time. ”

Richard Lim

“We did swimming lessons with one of the instructors in the swimming school. We’re still reaping benefits from his training today – I have learned how to do proficient freestyle and breaststroke within the 24 weeks.”


Shorten Your Learning Curve.

Take away a skill that will save your life as well as others.

Progressing slow but steady.

We understand that students usually have a quick win mentality when it comes to swimming. They would look for quick wins and learn it fast mentality.

However swimming is skill that will not receive result unless you put in consistent effort into it. We break down the skills into five categories of progression in a hierarchical fashion making sure the students progress slowly from the simple exercise to more complex one. Fundamentals have to be on a solid ground before advancing on the next few stages.

Our swimming courses move in a hierarchical fashion to ensure:

  • Slow and steady progress but effective results
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • All inclusive swimming program


Swimming Learning Curve Program

Correct and boost your learning retention

Apply your knowledge in real world situations

Interactive, Hands-on Learning

We apply a range of instructional design models in our swimming lessons to promote better learning and retention of knowledge gained with repetition.

We also provide a practical learning environment with floats and pull buoys to acquire the techniques of good swimming.

Instructional methods used include:

Role play swimming


Interactive Quizzes

Group Discussion

Demonstration & Modelling

Group Presentation


Drill & Practice

Swim safer assessments


Structured Learning

We apply Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction to promote better reception of instruction and better learning.

Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction:

  • 1. Gaining attention
  • 2. Informing learners of the end objectives
  • 3. Stimulate recall of prior learning.
  • 4. Presenting the content.
  • 5. Provide learning guidance.
  • 6. Elicit performance.
  • 7. Provide feedback.
  • 8. Assess performance.
  • 9. Enhance retention and transfer to the job.

Swimming Lessons Processes.

Outcome Focused.

We are committed to deliver quality lessons with good results.

We Apply Continuous Improvement and Instructional Design Models

Kirk Patrick’s 4 Levels of Learning Outcomes:

  • 1. Reaction.
  • 2. Learning
  • 3. Behavior
  • 4. Results


Swimming Strategies Programs

ADDIE Model – For Curriculum and Course Continuous Development and Improvement

  • 1. Analyse: Audience, goals, constraints, timelines
  • 2. Design: Lesson objectives, activities, content
  • 3. Develop: Courseware
  • 4. Implement: Training
  • 5. Evaluate: Kirk Patrick’s 4 Levels


Swimming Lessons Course Process

Never stop learning

Further your aquatic learning from us.

Lifetime Access to Up-to-date Courseware and Online Resource Library

Gain lifetime access to updated guides, slides, workbooks, and templates via our learning portal.

After-Training Support

We provide after-training support through online forums, direct email, and post-training guidances via our learning portal.


Online Forums


Email Support


Post-Training Mentorship via E Learning Portal

Up skill your aquatic skills in swimming lessons


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