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Is it too embarrassing for me to start learning to swim around this age like 30?

Definitely no, picking up swimming is never too late. It can be learned at all ages and our experienced coaches had taught elderly who have experienced years of water phobia into proficiency! Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

What are the minimum requirement as in age limit to take part in swim classes or swimming lessons?

Our classes are catered to as young as 4 months old babies, Friendly Dolphin Swim School believes strongly about building the foundation of swimming basics and water familiarization early. How good you swim in the future depends on how far you have envisioned and how you took the steps by steps to achieve your swimming goals.

Where are the swim classes or swimming lessons conducted at?

Our swim classes are conducted island-wide by our friendly and professionally-trained swimming instructors.

How early should students eat before the swimming lessons or swim classes?

The best time to eat before classes will be an hour. This will give the student ample time for digestion and ready for the swimming lessons!

Can my 4 year old kid be group together with my 10 years old kid?

Due to swimming and education syllabus. We do not encourage to mix students with different swimming proficiency and abilities together. Be assured friendly dolphin swim school will make the best arrangement

Why are the babies swimming classes usually shorter as compared to toddler and above level?

Babies swim classes or swimming lessons are usually shorter because of babies concentration are usually shorter. 30 minutes are usually the good time for them to concentrate and better engage with the instructions of the swimming instructors. Any timings longer than that might be counter-productive.

Can you guarantee the results of your swim classes or swimming lessons?

Our swim coaches are experienced and have trained more than 4000 students thus far from public swimming pools to condominiums and private pools in Singapore. We are sure given the appropriate amount of time and practice and professional guidance. Our students are guaranteed to reach swimming proficiency and received recognized certifications.

Are there any make up lessons if I happen to miss it?

That depends if your classes are group or private 1-1 classes. For group classes there will be no make-up classes. Private class students, you have to inform your swimming instructors at least ONE day before the classes commences.


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