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*Open water swimming singapore lessons program is subdivided into different sections such as beginner, intermediate and advanced open water swimmers. The subjects are interconnected and overlap each other, broken down into small segments so that students can enjoy the feeling of getting stronger and confident each time.


4 Lessons / Month

Open Water Camp 4D3N

Average duration to completion: 6 months and above


Pool, Open water Instructor-led, Hands-on

Training is conducted live in Singapore, Overseas


From S$120 Nett / 4 Lessons

Original fee S$150 nett


Open Water Swimming Course Progression Sequence

This open water swimming Singapore program is at least 6 months covering core open water swimming modules in the following recommended sequence:

  • Learn foreknowledge of what equipment to use for open water swimming
  • Competent skills for open water swimming (Technical)
  • Learn how to do research before open water swimming  (tidal charts, water temperature, water quality, food, nutrition, etc)
  • Open water familiarization (water entry, surfing, swell prediction, riptides, above the headwater signal, riptides, water exit)
  • Infections prevention and safety measures.
  • Training for short open water swim
  • Training for long or moderate open water swim
  • Physical training and mental preparation for into the dark open water swim.

The Appeal Of Open Water

Entering open water give many people the sense of excitement at being in the kind of water that is alive and filled with life. You will feel a good sense of freedom as you no longer have to swim back and forth in a straight lane or do any flip turning off from the concrete cement walls.

You do not have to follow a single lining usually in blue at the bottom of the pool. And moreover you get to breathe all the fresh air and the love to swimming from place to another freely.

Unlike swimming pool, ocean, lakes, ponds, river streams. Despite being some of the most beautiful places to swim on the earth we are living in now, nothing can be compared to the freedom you get from breaking free.

It differs greatly from the confinements of swimming pool and start swimming in salty and sweet waters.

Open water swimming is a total new environment, more adventurous than ever.

There is an explosive gains in people looking for open water swimming ever since open water swimming achieving Olympic status since 2000 and 2008 respectively.

Society in general after 20th century are getting more educated and getting more interested in fitness and living better healthier lifestyle.

High Risk Sport

Open water swimming is one high risk adventurous water sport also known as “extreme swimming”. We heard of many occasions of neglecting safety measures and resulting in fatal situations. Small considerations not taken care of could actually leads to loss of lives.

Many environment hindrances will happen in the open water such as fog, surf conditions, shore breaks, sense of ocean navigation as well as heavy boating traffics to avoid.

This course will be for all level of open water swimmers to providing useful and key information to safeguard oneself. To become more aware of open water environment and how to handle themselves in the water.

Benefits Of Open Water Swimming

Swimming and open water swimming provides pure enjoyment. The unique feeling of being suspended in water that you do not get from other sports is special.

The lighter, elegant and freedom you experience in such world is a total new kind. Only in water do you get your sense of sight becoming blurry.

In compensation to lost sensation of sight, your sense of touch became higher. You will get to experience a lot of water pressure and resistance you do not feel on walking against air in a very much high degree.

You will need to have a sense of the water feel, fighting the resistance of water – the very ways the water pushes our hand and arm as we pull ourselves through it.



This programme is suitable for:
  • Lifeguards who are into open water swimming.
  • Aspiring lifeguards doing lifesaving course.
  • Strong and competent swimmers
  • Competitive swimmers
  • Triathletes
  • Masters swimming groups members

Upon successful completion of open water swimming lessons you will gain long term friendships, more open water confidence, knowledge of water safety during open water swimming sessions.


Good proficiency in swimming and be able to do submersion, blowing bubbles comfortably.


Short training swim are usually done in swimming pools. This is the chance for you to test out your abilities and adaptation skill in water. Try to give yourself different foods and drinks before the big swim and competitions.

This short interval swimming session done in swimming pool are best to monitor your improvement. Get better understanding on how frequent you actually need to eat and drink, the portion and in what sequence should you eat and drink for optimum performance.

You will be taught to feel the differences of buoyancy swimming in saltwater as well as swimming in fresh water.

Longer swim to enhance body tolerance and endurance preparation for open water.

Goals to achieve for short open water swimming in pool:

  • Building strength
  • Enhancing speed
  • Develop endurance
  • Better stroking skills
  • Navigation Control
  • Good Pacing

Moderate or long training swim are usually done in swimming pools and open water environment. At this stage you will be exposed to more currents, tidal changes as well as weather than you would have on a short swimming session.

This training will be tougher and the key to swimming this long and moderate distance swimming session is building progressively on training, adding in rest and recovery time with the swimming instructor.

You will be taught and be trained in variations of distances and intensity, varied work out sites so that you can experience and be able to get solutions of different conditions

Goals to achieve for moderate to long open water swimming in pool:

  • Building strength
  • Enhancing speed
  • Develop endurance
  • Better stroking skills
  • Navigation Control
  • Good Pacing


In this open water swimming programme, you will learn:
  • Technical skills for open water swimming
  • Breathing drills (Bilateral and breath holding drills) and the importance and the importance of maintaining air in lungs.
  • How to do better sculling (superman sculling drill, windshield wiper scull, double dog sculling as well as finisher scull and drill), apply high elbow pull underwater, keep pressure on the water and pulling more water so that swimming become more efficient.
  • How to properly select a training area.
  • How to read tidal chart, test water temperature, checking of water quality as well as hydration, food for added safety.
  • Know what are the sea animals to look out for such as the stingrays, bristle worms, coral reefs, fire coral, box jellyfish etc.
  • How to use better illuminations when swimming in the dark




By the end of the class, participants will be able to:
  • Use their experiences they gain through the program to their benefits and know how to break down all training into smaller segments.
  • Have better water feel to get stronger, more competent and more confident with the ever-changing open water environments.
  • Get a better physique through the vigorous long-distance training.
  • Swim longer distances with less effort.
  • Gain knowledge better safety in open water swimming as well as the potential hazards and back up plans associated with open water swimming.
  • Have a better understanding of seamanship, risk management, and topics related to open water swimming sessions.
  • Perform open water swimming anytime, anywhere with safety knowledge in place.
  • Perform night open water swimming with better-equipped safety.

Swimming Instructors


With more than 7 years of experience in the swimming industry, she have worked on many swimming projects both locally and overseas spanning the South East Asian Region. During her free time, she often organizes triathlon competitions and ironman challenges. Always striving to challenge her limits both physically and mentally in sports.

She believes that teaching is the most important profession in the world. And more so as a swimming teacher, swimming is a life skill that evokes many benefits associated with it. It is the only life skill in the world that can actually saves your life and bring convenience to you at the same time.

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Recognized as a nice and good authority in the fields of swimming. He is well versed in coaching competitive swimming strokes. He made it his mission to impart all his knowledge and skills accumulate throughout the many years to all his students.

And most important help them achieve their goal of being proficient in swimming at the end of the swimming lessons. He had been a Sengkang swimming coach with experience of 9 years. He is currently certified under NROC, Sports Singapore and part of the Sengkang Swimming Instructors team for assessments for Swim Safer.

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This is a no original swimming instructor. Being young and adventurous, he enjoys writing and reading a lot. He believed strongly that in order to make good swimming lessons, one should never stop learning and reading everyday. After all, we are imparting knowledge and skills to learners.

He always make sure to keep himself updated with the latest trend in swimming and strive to find better ways to teach so that students will understand better.

Ever since his career since 4 years back, which he was introduced by his uncle during his teenage years. He have taught more than 1500 students. Assessed and passed 954 students to date as a part time swimming instructor. He do not call himself as the know it all expert, instead he would like to be named as the learn it all expert.

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In the past 5 years, he and his team of swimming instructors have take on many swimmming projects and helped to improve the swimming quality and standard of swim safer assessments syllabus.

Throughout his career as a swim team guidance specialist, he has taught more than 5000 students and have passed more than 4000 students since 3 years ago when he started off as an assessor. Many of the primary and secondary schools students are currently under his belt and management in the process of getting the 10 compulsory swim lessons for safe swimming.

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This coach have many experiences for private swim coaching in private condo and clubhouses. He possesses in depth knowledge and experience of up to 10 years in the swimming industry as an AUSTSWIM certified instructor. He is very familiar with the criteria and assessments. Always making sure to gain trust with the students first before conducting any assessments.

Assessment is the process of gathering useful information to determine the level of competency and performance of a person in a particular environment. He put assessments as a crucial component before any swimming lessons. He like to conduct all his swimming lessons in hierarchical formula moving from the most simple exercise to the most complex one step by step.

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Recognized as an experienced swimming teacher in the fields of swimming and an instructor who have have had experience teaching in public swimming pools all around in Singapore, Teng made it his mission to train and consult businesses and individuals to establish a successful, and above all education for all his students of any ages.

Throughout his career as a swimming instructor, he have several swim school projects for many private and government schools in Singapore. He leads many swim school projects which includes wide range of strokes corrections, different spectrum of students and swim safer targets. His extensive swim teaching experience of over a two decades as of 2019 has honed his ability to deliver solutions and teaching for all kinds of swimming practices.

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Open water swimming sessions like unlike swimming and other essential swimming skill which are usually more focused on the learning process in improving strokes and recreational swim. You will receive professional guidance and tips to keep your safety and tempo in place.

A good coach will give you the right guidance that you need for long open water swimming that will help increase your abilities in each of this area:

  • Pace
  • Speed
  • Intensity
  • Endurance
  • Strokes

Our course will help you retain the the information learned better through practice and guided tutorials. We apply instructional design methodologies such as multiple intelligence framework from Prof Howard Gardner for better learning and retention of information.

The course is designed in such a way to enforce slow progressive learning. Course modules are designed to build on the fundamentals and gradually moving up to more complex longer distances. Students will learn through practice and feedback.


“Special thanks to coach Teng from Friendly Dolphin Swim School. He is strict when it is down to business and fun-loving when we are all slacking around. I have gained so much open water swimming skills from him and am confident to book my own open water swimming sessions now!”


Rebecca Ho

Rebecca Ho


Course Fees (Per Module):

Individual $280
2 in a group $165
3 in a group $128
4 in a group $108
5 in a group $96
6 and abv. $90


Course Duration:
104 (104 hours)
Per session weekly

Duration: 6 months to 2 years


There is no timeframe or time limit. However, the recommended timeframe to complete all swimming modules is within 6 months to a year, and the average time to complete it is 6 months to 1 year.

It is better to train with a professional open water swimming instructor, he/she will be able to see your stroke from the side and correct positioning better. It is extremely difficult to judge where you go wrong for open water swim training.

You will also get gain in depth knowledge of the dos and don’ts in open water swimming session.

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