Private Swimming Coach In Singapore


The cost of a private swimming coach in Singapore might vary. I often get people asking me for good swimming coach recommendation, i believe that every individual instructor will have a set of their own ways to guide. There are also many variables and factors determining if the coach or instructor are actually right for your kids. I would say every instructors are good as long as it blend and bond well with the students. At the end of the course, objectives will be the same – to inspire love and water safety in all our students.

This coach have many experiences for private swim coaching in private condo and clubhouses. He possesses in depth knowledge and experience of up to 10 years in the swimming industry as an AUSTSWIM certified instructor. He is very familiar with the criteria and assessments. Always making sure to gain trust with the students first before conducting any assessments.

Assessment is the process of gathering useful information to determine the level of competency and performance of a person in a particular environment. He put assessments as a crucial component before any swimming lessons. He like to conduct all his swimming lessons in hierarchical formula moving from the most simple exercise to the most complex one step by step.

“No point moving fast as swimming requires many repetitions. In an aquatic environment, moving fast and forcing students to perform certain activities they are afraid to do so might lead to water phobic behavior. The assessment will help me determine where to begin and the appropriate progressions for each of the young learners” as quoted from him for his philosophy on coaching individuals swimming.

He graduated from Singapore Management University with a First Class Honors Degree in Communication and Media Studies. Currently he is working as part time freelance swimming instructor and spend most of his time on his tech business and startup, Digital Marketing Agency. Throughout his swim coaching career, he have taught more than 3000 students, assessed and passed more than 2900 students.

He have worked with people who are afraid in the water, people with behavioral problems and those with severe disabilities. He is one of the swimming instructor with highest passing rates and always make sure to train his students with patience and empathy.

Private Swimming Coach In Singapore

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