swimsafer gold

Swimsafer Gold

Advance Personal Survival and Swimming Skill Proficiency

Swimsafer Gold – All students at this stage will be required to perform all strokes with greater ease, efficiency, power and smooth swimming over 400 meters. Rescue skills and water safety knowledge will be marked based on the focus of lifesaving readiness. Standing dive and personal safety skills will continue to be taught at this stage. Swimsafer silver is the prerequisite to taking this gold level. For more information with regards to swimsafer gold level, do check out this link, more information can be read via this link.

Test Criteria

Entries & Exits

1.Standing Dive

Sculling & Body Orientation

  1. Scull, float or tread while making a self-made float within 5 minutes (incorporated in survival and activities skills)

Swimsafer Gold – Underwater Skills

In at least 1.8m deep water, perform a headfirst surface dive (tuck or pike) and also ear equalization, if necessary swim through hoops on pool bottom for around 5 meters.

Movement / Swimming / Strokes

Swim 100m continuously:

25m Front Crawl.

25m Backstroke.

25m Survival Backstroke

Survival & Activity Skills

1.100 meters front crawl within 3.00 minutes

2.100 meters breaststrokes within 4.00 minutes

3. 100 meters backstroke within 3:20 minutes

4. 50 meters survival backstroke

5. 50 meters sidestroke

5. 50 meters butterfly

Swimsafer Gold Stage 6 – Knowledge

Principles of Personal Safety and Survival.

Environmental Awareness.

Health Awareness.

Emergency Situations and Survival Techniques.


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