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JT is an experienced swimming teacher in the fields of swimming and an instructor who has had experience teaching in public swimming pools in Singapore.

Teng made it his mission to provide, corporate training and training individuals to develop life long skills. He loves developing in them the most valuable skill swimming for all his students of any age.

Throughout his career as a swimming instructor, he has several swim school projects for many private and government schools in Singapore. He leads many swim school projects which includes a wide range of strokes corrections, a different spectrum of students and swim safer targets. His extensive swim teaching experience of over two decades as of 2019 has honed his ability to deliver solutions and teaching for all kinds of swimming practices.

In 2016, he headed up primary and secondary schools ten lessons compulsory swimming lessons. His role included assessments of students, stroke corrections; advanced swimming training such as SSP (sensory skill practice) as well as implementation of safety measures protocols.

Beside swim coaching, Teng is a lovely father of 2 girls. He is often responsible for the education of his children. He places great emphasis on water safety knowledge as one of the top essential skills — one life skill every individual should acquire.

Like he always says: ” Swimming skill is best to pick up since young; a life skill that requires a feel and control of water for essential survival.”

Teng is currently conducting many public pool classes in Singapore. All are achieving a significant increase in swimming proficiency and higher passing rates in swim safer assessment certifications.

Swimming Instructor Singapore

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