Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Discover a wealth of benefits learning how to swim and join us today! Tested, Tried, Trusted, efficient swimming lessons. Team of more than 320 expert certified swimming coaches from Singapore.

Learning to swim in Singapore should be an exciting experience. We always make sure you learn it in more than one inspiring “way.”

We make learning how to swim easier with affordable rates, making sure everyone can learn how to swim efficiently.

We provide swimming lessons for all ages and levels, both private and public classes.

No matter if you enjoy swimming outdoor for sunshine or indoor swimming pools to swim the whole year-round. Friendly Dolphin Swim School provides all.

Classes Conducted By Swim Experts

We provide swimming lessons and swim safer programs for all ages in Singapore.

We help babies build confidence in water and curb water phobia, in turn, helps to accelerate their learning journey when they are older.

We provide intensive swimming lessons and smaller group classes to help students alike pick up swimming skills faster.

Weekly swimming lessons will help students learn to be more confident and safer in the swimming pools. 

Swimming lessons for toddlers in Singapore help equip toddlers with the necessary knowledge and skills for water safety. 

Learning earlier helps to give them a good start and accelerate their learning journey into more advanced swimming stages. Students will be able to go for swim safer assessments and receive swim safer certificates upon good swimming proficiency

For adults, specialized psychological-tailored group lessons and private programs to fast track all non-swimmers to swimmers.

The training enables adults to reach swimming proficiency in a more comfortable and faster way. Swimming is a life skill essential for anyone at any age.

We will match the right instructors at a good location both for you and the school, schedule and budget. This personalized matching services are first and foremost free!

Full-time instructors

Learning to swim is essential; however, finding excellent fitting swimming instructors might be quite a struggle.

At Friendly Dolphin Swim School, we take your problems and provide solutions in matching you with the right instructors to your fit.

Our instructors are all certified under Sport Singapore and are qualified to conduct swimming lessons under swim safer programs.

All instructors are certified in First Aid, CPR and trained in advanced lifesaving techniques, therefore take swimming safety seriously.


  • Flagship classes available at Bedok, Tampines, Sengkang and Pasir Ris.
  • More than 320 certified full-time and part-time swimming instructors
  • Swimming classes at all 26 public swimming complex
  • SwimSafer program conducted for all levels of swimming classes.
  • Private lessons available at all condominiums

Teen and Adult Lessons From $70/month


Life Saving Lessons From $70/month


Special Needs Lessons From $120/month

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Friendly Dolphin Swim School works on the philosophy of Eudaimonia by building useful life skills and forwarding thinking generation through learning how to swim. We would like to foster great virtues and curb bad vices in our students since they are young by learning how to swim and better manage their life in the future. These lifesaving skills that are imparted to them through the swimming lessons will aid them and emotionally financially and build independence in them. Adults' swimming lessons are interactive and fun and help to build water safety awareness, and private swim lessons are also available in private or public swimming pools to improve adult swimming and daily practices.



We provide exams and tests to measure your swim proficiency. Our certificates are recognized locally and internationally. Students will be awarded Swimsafer Certificates, SSTA Certificates, and AUSTSWIM Certificates respectively by the end of their learning journey with Friendly Dolphin Swim School.



Friendly Dolphin Swim School believes that everyone is gifted to learn swimming in the easy and fun way. Based on your preferences, we have group and individual selections. Group classes will offer you more social opportunities at a lower cost. Individual classes, however, students will receive more attention from the coaches provided with more focused practice, impact learning to swim faster with customized lessons based on your requirements.



All our coaches and swimming teachers went through stringent regulations and certifications. They are all certified under NROC, SSTA, and AUSTSWIM, give a proven value teaching system to get everyone to learn swimming the fun and quick ways. We follow closely with the government standards and guide you on a fast to understand step by step method to swim proficiency. It will save you time and money wasted on trying to learn from different swimming instructors.



Friendly Dolphin Swim School is committed to using an online platform. We update and create awareness of the benefits of swimming exercises to your overall betterment in your life health both physically and psychologically through our website. Incorporate your life with more activities and reading from our blog at the same time. All information, news, and health-related knowledge will be updated helping everyone create better lifestyle. This knowledge will equip people with the awareness and importance of learning how to swim.

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