Swimming For Weight Loss

Does Swimming Aid Weight Loss?

Many people struggle and think that swimming is not for weight loss? Are you trying to get really fit and are aiming to lose weight? Diet and exercising might be the only two best options you can do.

Most of the fitness lovers will concentrate on both the resistance and cardio exercise, swimming for weight loss is one of the best for overall body workout which can help anyone burn calories consistently and shed the excess kilograms as well.

Swimming is one of the lowest impact exercises for your joints and body; it is an exercise for all ages, easy and inexpensive, and a person can do so at their own pace.

The benefits associated with swimming are tons such as saving lives, helping people cut weight, stay in shape as well as improving mental health. This is truly the best exercise for your overall health extending from mental to physical.

How Swimming Aid Weight Loss?

Swimming is the best exercise if you are looking for a full-body muscle toning as well as the best work out for the whole body.

It also works great in building and shaping up your endurance, swimming is a low impact activity. It does not affect the joints and is good for people suffering from arthritis or any injuries that are preventing them from doing the running.

This is also one of the safest and best exercises for the elderly and pregnant women. One hour session of swimming can make individuals burn up to 457 calories if done vigorously at a consistent pace.

You can also add resistance gears to better improve the workout and make it even more intense. Swimming with resistance gears makes are in fact more strenuous compared to running on a treadmill.

It will provide a good booster to your mental health and physical health such as depression, reduce stress, become more flexible and reduce inflammation with 30-45 minutes of swimming daily.

It Accelerates Weight Loss Program

For one, swimming is a kind of resistance and cardio exercise in which all our muscles are forced to work against the water. Swimming places a great demand on the heart and lungs which in turn accelerates your weight loss efficiency.

This forces the heart and lungs to work harder to supply the muscles with oxygen. A lot of calories are burned during this process making swimming one of the best low impact cardiovascular exercises you can do to speed up fat loss and lose weight faster.

swimming for weight loss

Swimming helps you lose a lot of weight even though it does not follow in the spot reduction ways.

As mentioned before being inside the water and swimming against the density of water work out all your big and small muscle groups.

This, in turn, lead to a quicker and faster weight loss than the rest of the other workouts

Swimming Strenuous And Less Joint Impact

Swimming like running has an effect of burning your calories even after swimming for the next few hours. The increase of the muscle mass will elevate your metabolism and burn fats during no exercise

Supplement Boosts With Swimming

Doing crunches after every swimming session will also speed up to 2 times of making your belly fats burn as well as better toning of the abs muscle.

In fact, resistance swimming with training tools works out more muscles as compared to running. It allows you to work on specific muscles you wish to target.

However, the stresses on the body do not intensify with the intensity being increase or decrease and does no zero stress to your body.

However, do not only rely on swimming solely for weight loss or any fitness program. if you are only doing swimming as the main workout, it will not be so comprehensive. Incorporate also other fun activities like running, competitive sports into your program as well.

Nutrition and what you eat place a crucial role in maintaining weight loss. Eating too many calories will counter effect and slow down your weight loss results.

Cold Thermogenesis

Swimming for weight loss and the increase in the burning effects has to do with cold thermogenesis. As compared to the land-based exercises like running and jogging. The temperature fluctuation is the key to weight loss during swimming.

Heat loss is scientifically proven to lose water approximately 20 times faster than when in the air. When we are swimming, the body will lose a vast amount of heat. In order to stay warm, our body will automatically generate higher metabolism and burn more calories.

This heat generating process inside every one of us will add on the calorie burning. And swimming itself is the only sole exercise with the benefits of using this mechanism to burn fat

Learn Proper Swimming Techniques

benefits of swimming

All the techniques like breaststroke, freestyle, sidestroke, and backstroke learned well will help to position yourself in the water. These proper swimming techniques will better strengthen, tone your stomach, abdominal muscles and losing weight. Beginner swimmers can start with 30 minutes session of moderate-intensity for a start 3-4 times weekly and regular swimmers can do so for an hour.

Last but not least, here is a tip for weight loss, try to add in interval training. Alternate between high and low intensity for alternate laps. For example, you do an energy blaster and swim as fast as you can for this lap, switch to a moderate pace for the next lap. This will help you burn calories while you are swimming or resting keeping your metabolic at a constant high.

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