Adult Swimming Lessons

For everyone, swimming is a great way to stay both physically and mentally healthy, no matter what their age or background is. Swimming is a sport that you can do for a long time and that will help you stay healthy for a long time.

At Friendly Dolphin Swim School, we have group swimming lessons for adults every week. Our teachers use a system that has worked before to make sure our students learn well.

In groups, people of all ages can learn how to swim together at the Pasir Ris Swimming Complex on weekday evenings and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Alternatively, to make sure that our female students learn in a comfortable environment, we have a class just for women led by our female swimming instructor.

Course Highlights

In the adults swimming lessons, adults will get to learn:

  • How to enter the water properly, how to improve loco-motor skills in the water to build confidence, and water familiarization.
  • To blow bubbles in water and students will learn to gradually relax and stay comfortable with the water in non-threatening manner.
  • Introduction to getting the whole head wet
  • How to develop a rhythmic breathing pattern
  • Stay comfortable and develop floating skills in water
  • How to breathe to the side and lifting head out of water to breathe from the front
  • How to do flutter kicking with boards, without board and at the side breathing from gutter.
  • Develop proficient freestyle, breaststroke, sidestroke, butterfly and backstroke
  • Progressive swimming exercise focused on building body position, leg action, arm action, breathing technique and timing slowly and effectively.
  • Swimming stroke drills to correct all body position, leg action, etc essential for learning swimming.
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Friendly Dolphin Adult Swimming Lessons (Singapore) Curriculums

  • Up-to-date, bite-sized course swimming breakdowns and notes are in this guide.
  • Instructor-led, hands-on swimming lessons
  • Swimming is a skill that can be learned very quickly if you use the right strategies and techniques.
  • Comprehensive and well-structured lessons
  • People who have been swimming for a long time give real-life examples and case studies about technical swimming.
  • Designed and delivered by people who know how to swim.
  • The swimming facilities and equipment are well-equipped and up-to-date to help people learn faster.
  • A lifelong skill that will protect your life.

Course Description

  • Assessments will be done on the first two lessons to figure out how good each learner is at swimming.
  • Every part of the curriculum will move up and down in five different groups in a hierarchical way.
  • Students will learn water adjustment skills, floating skills, basic propulsion, breathing skills, swimming stroke skills, entry and exit skills, and how to get in and get out of the water, among other things.
  • How to do a floating exercise where your body is face up and face down at the same time, like this:
  • This interactive swimming lessons for adults course lets you choose which swimming strokes you want to learn.
  • Attendees will learn how to stay in a good swimming position and keep it for a long time. And how to swim for longer periods of time and cover more ground.
  • In this class, you will learn how to do front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly, as well as many other swimming skills.
  • Attendees will learn how to stay in a good swimming position and keep it for a long time. And how to swim for longer periods of time and cover more ground.
  • In this class, you will learn how to do front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly, as well as many other swimming skills.

Course Objectives

By the end of the adults swimming lessons, participants will:

  • Be able to attain and have a better understanding of swimming.
  • Be able to go underwater and do submersion with ease.
  • Be able to practice better breath control, increased balance, leg strength and endurance through bobbing.
  • Be able to swim front crawl , breast stroke and alternative chosen swimming strokes for survival.
  • Be able to tread in water and recover from under deep water to demonstrate confidence and survival skill.

Be able to do back and front star float for longer distances and timing.

Beginner Level

Students will learn how to enter the water safely and how to be safe in deep water. General safety knowledge alongside learning how to move forward and backward in the water is taught as well.

Personal survival skills and the ability to properly enter and exit the pool will be covered here. Read more – SwimSafer Stage 1

Intermediate Level

Additional skills on how to get into the water and how to perform a surface dive are covered. Sculling, personal safety skills and awareness of where one is in the water will be introduced as well.

Students will learn to swim at least 25 metres. Read more – SwimSafer Stage 2

This stage introduce rescue skills alongside water survival skills. Students will enhanced underwater and sculling skills. Handling personal floatation devices will be taught too. During this stage, students will learn how to swim at least 50 metres continuously at this programme. Read more – SwimSafer Stage 3

Advance Level

Students will learn how to handle stroke techniques and perform coordinated breathing in deep water. This also works with helping to get children to know how to be safe around water craft and how to work with intermediate water survival and rescue skills. The new goal at this point is to swim for a 100 metres continuously. Read more – SwimSafer Stage 4

This part of the process involves learning how to dive into the water and how to handle advanced rescue and survival skills. A vital part of this process involves allowing the child to learn how to handle swimming strokes so that the child can get to the last stage. Read more – SwimSafer Stage 5

This is the last stage. Students will learn to perform proper swimming strokes in order to swim for 400 metres continuously. Students will learn how to stay afloat with ease for a longer period of time as well. Also, advanced lifesaving rescue, standing dive and safety skills will be continue be taught. Read more – SwimSafer Stage 6


For group classes, there will be no replacement classes entitled for any case except pool closure or bad weather.

For private classes, do inform your instructor at least one day in advance if you wish to postpone the class. Forfeit dates will be given and all students will have to complete the replacement classes as stated in the deadline.

For those classes conducted midway and started to rain, lesson will continue as land drill.

A notice of 1 hour should be given to the coach to cancel the lesson due to bad weather, pool closure etc. If the coach have started the travel, lesson will continue in sheltered area or non-sheltered with land drill.

Strictly no cancellation of any sort last minute to be fair to the coach who have started the travel.

Last minute cancellation will result in lesson forfeited.

We highly recommend that before taking up the adult swimming lessons, do consult a doctor to see if you are suitable. Asthma comes in varying degrees.

Yes, it will be restricted to male and only females in this class.

We do not offer a single trial lesson.

You have to attend at least 4/8 lessons for adult swimming lessons. If you wish to trial for 4 lessons, do give us the notice to stop the lessons on lesson 4 after attending lesson 1 before lesson 2 to have the deposit refunded and have the lessons terminated on lesson 4/8.

We will deem the lesson to continue if the above notice is not given.


For the first class, you must bring your own swimsuit and goggles. Following the initial class, your swimming instructor may provide you with more advice.

We strongly advise seeking a doctor’s advice first, as there are various degrees of Asthma.

Adult Swimming Lessons are taught by swimming teachers who are fully certified and have certificates from the Singapore Sports Council and the Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association. They have been trained and have expertise in teaching swimming classes to adults.

Please email your enquiries to, we will revert as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can also drop us a text message via whatsapp at +65 6016 2573, Mondays-Friday, 9am-6pm.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for adults learning to swim above the age of 16 to improve or learn swimming at their own pace.

Course Outline

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Instructor-led : Pool orientation and water familiarization skill.

Instructor-led | Exercises (Bobbing, front flutter kicks, spinning in water, floating skills)

Instructor-led | Exercises (Gliding fundamentals, rhythmic breathing, front crawl hand and leg coordination, backfloat and front float with timing)

Instructor-led | Exercises (Sidestroke survival stroke practice, flutter kicking, advanced rhythmic breathing, front crawl with rhythmic breathing, elementary backstroke also known as survival backstroke)

Instructor-led | Exercise (Whip kick training, breaststroke with any kicking, kneeling dive, backstroke training, long distance and stamina exercises)


“Very good and interactive! I understood better what I learned from some online tutorials. Enjoyed thoroughly, It helped me understand how to better float on water with ease and swimming with less effort. The instructor was really helpful and willing to help students even after the course. Great swimming course! Glad I attended.”
– Bill Wang

This course is suitable for everyone of all ages. If you need a patient coach that can actually guide you on the step by step swimming techniques. This school is definitely the best, I love to learn swimming from the condo directly. No much noise like the public pool and I can have more clarity of the instructions passed down to me via the lessons.

Certified Swimming Instructors

Friendly Dolphin swimming instructors are certified by strict regulations of NROC, SSTA, and AUSTSWIM. They will also need to have Standard First Aid, CPR, and AED.

Lifesaving Awards as prerequisites criteria to meet before selected into our swim school. Friendly Dolphin Instructors will be the right instructors qualified to teach National Swimsafer Program under MOE.

As well as the Lifesaving program and assess your kids for Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards. All our swimming instructors are skilled to provide aquatic education to infants and toddlers, adults and kids alike.

We have a trust record of certifying more than 10,000 students offline in Heartbeat@Bedok swimming complex, Tampines hub swimming complex, Pasir Ris swimming complex, Bukit Batok swimming complex, Woodland swimming complex, Yio Chu Kang swimming complex, Jurong East, Queenstown, and Jurong west swimming complex.


Swimming Is A Valuable Life Skill

We love the water and believe swimming is one of the most valuable skill that is never too late or too early to start with. Millions of people have done it before you and millions more will do it after you. We will conquer the fears of water with you and teach you water confidence. Water will never be scary anymore, it can be calm and gentle containing a lot of fun if you know how to swim with it.

Friendly Dolphin Swim School pledge to help our students reach their potential swimming proficiency thus securing their own and others water safety at the end of the learning journey, We will impart our students with sound and professional water safety knowledge and skills.


Course Fees

Per pax for every 4 lessons.

Individual S$360

Duration: 45 minutes

2 in a group S$180
3 in a group S$160
4/5 in a group S$145
6 and abv. S$100

Duration: 45 minutes

Coming Soon

Learn at any age, empower yourself with a new skill today!



Fully-trained in house, our professional coaches have undergone strict training and stringent rounds of selections, making them well-equipped in guiding you to feel at ease in teaching your little ones to swim.


We are committed to providing a comfortable, controlled environment. Our pools run on excellent salt chlorination, combined with a UV filter, safely eliminating bacteria and other by-products. Enjoy our warm, crystal clear waters without the shivers, stinging eyes, and dry hair and skin!


Our proven curriculum is developed from 14 years of R & D, together with our parents and children, resulting in a deep understanding of the most effective teaching methods. We now have more than 10,000 students across Singapore and Malaysia, backed by our 200-strong team, nurturing little ripples into big dreams.

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