Swimming lessons and swimming classes available for all levels island-wide in Singapore!

Join us today to discover a wealth of benefits learning how to swim. Tested, Tried, Trusted efficient swimming lessons and swimming classes. We are a team of 89 professionally certified swimming coaches from Singapore.

Our goal is to make learning how to swim easier with affordable rates and everyone can learn how to swim faster for a better society. We provide swimming lessons for all ages and levels. We have both private and public classes available. Choose the type of swimming classes below to begin your learn swimming journey!

Swimming Pools Singapore



Governed by Sports Singapore formerly known as Singapore Sports Council. Some of the pools are not yet featured on our venue page yet but we will be updating the website soon!



Private Swimming Pools in Singapore are mostly found in Condominiums and owned by private developers.



We have more than 500 swimming lessons per week at all 26 public swimming pools, condominiums and clubhouses.

Swimming Lessons Singapore

Our swimming lessons singapore programs are catered to all ages. We will help baby build confidence in water and curb water phobia, this will help to accelerate their learning journey when they are older to pick up their individual swimming strokes faster. Toddler lessons to equip them with basic knowledge and skills that will help them in their water safety and eventually competitive level when they reach a more advanced swimming curve stages. And adults we have our specialized psychological-tailored programs to fast track all non-swimmers to swimmers reaching swimming proficiency the easiest and fastest ways.

Certified Swimming Coaches

Friendly Dolphin swimming instructors are certified by strict regulations of NROC, SSTA and AUSTSWIM. They will also need to have Standard First Aid, CPR  and Singapore Lifesaving Awards as prerequisites before selected into our swim school. Friendly Dolphin Instructors will be the right instructors qualified to teach National Swimsafer Program under MOE, Lifesaving program and assess your kids for Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards.

We have trust record of certifying more than 10,000 students offline in Heartbeat@Bedok swimming complex, Tampines hub swimming complex, Pasir ris swimming complex, Bukit batok swimming complex, Woodland swimming complex, Yio chu kang swimming complex, Jurong East, Queenstown and Jurong west swimming complex.

We love the water and believe swimming is one of the most valuable skill that is never too late or too early to start with. Millions of people have done it before you and millions more will do it after you. We will conquer the fears of water with you and teach you water confidence. Water will never be scary anymore, it can be calm and gentle containing a lot of fun if you know how to swim with it.

Friendly Dolphin Swim School pledge to help our students reach their potential swimming proficiency thus securing their own and others water safety at the end of the learning journey, We will impart our students with sound and professional water safety knowledge and skills.

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Correction and building

  • Breast Stroke

  • Free Style

  • Butterfly

  • Backstroke