Sengkang Swimming Coach


Sengkang Swimming Coach – Coach Sim

Sengkang swimming instructor recognized as a nice and good authority in the fields of swimming. He is well versed in coaching competitive swimming strokes. He made it his mission to impart all his knowledge and skills accumulated throughout the many years to all his students.

Sengkang Swimming Lessons

And most important help them achieve their goal of being proficient in swimming at the end of the swimming lessons. He had been coaching swimming lessons in Sengkang with experience of up to 9 years.

He is currently certified under NROC, Sports Singapore, and part of the Sengkang Swimming Instructors team for assessments for Swim Safer and Sengkang overall swimming lessons operations.

Throughout his career as a swimming instructor, he has taught more than 4000 students and certified students under his care and other swim schools. He had also given advice as well as sound techniques corrections to students from primary school to adults.

Sports Singapore Certified Since 2009

He graduated from Sports SG with merits and NROC Licence in 2009. Since then he has facilitated most of the MOE swimming classes for primary and secondary school.

A joint program to get all Singaporeans to be more cautious and the importance of water safety. The projects were successful and raised up 20% of the passing rates in students participating in swimsafer swimming programs.

Being passionate about swimming and have previously taken part in many swimming meets.

This Sengkang swimming instructor can be found online authoring some of the swimming books.

He currently manages few swim school projects and campaigns to improve swimming safety. All of his students can be seen to have a significant improvement in strokes and swimming over the years of training with him.

This had in turn lead to the love of swimming in some of his students eventually moving on to water sports and swim competitions in school.

He will be the best coach to stir love of swimming in most beginner swimmers. Let him take charge and see your kids gradually swim with confidence as the training goes.

Sengkang Swimming Coach

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