Learn, Have Fun and Stay Safe in Public Pools, Condo, and Clubhouse

Private swimming lessons in Singapore in condominium, clubhouses, or public pool group swimming lessons in Singapore? Having doubts about which type of swimming lessons you will learn best? Give it a try for both group swimming lessons and individual swimming classes. You would be surprised that you would find benefits from both.

You might have lesser time to do practice in group classes as compared to individual classes. However, you will gain opportunities to ask questions and concerns other people might have and take something positive away from the lessons.

Private or public pool swimming coach in Singapore

All our private and public pool swimming instructors are certified under Sport Singapore, SSTA, and AUSTSWIM. Be assured that we will always stand out to provide remarkable swimming lessons. We take a good check of the knowledge and skills passed down by our swimming instructors and always seek to achieve excellence in whatever we teach as an education organization.

Build water familiarity, water safety, and water confidence knowledge with effective private swimming lessons. 

Our instructors, with over ten years of experience in swimming coaching, will guide you with the right techniques to learn swimming effectively. All beginners will learn to execute swimming strokes independently with the correct breathing and stroke by the end of the swimming lessons.

Water safety knowledge will be taught and reinforced during the program to help students grasp the essential knowledge of water safety to safeguard themselves in any pool environment.

Build a strong foundation with experienced instructors. 

Most of what we do now and how we swim goes back to many years of our experience with water or from past swimming lessons. 

Our lesson plan is focused on building the right foundation, essential for efficient progression to advance to the next higher level of swimming proficiency. 

Our curriculum is developed by experienced swimming instructors who have had the experience to coach all students of all levels and ages throughout the past ten years of swim coaching. 

We encourage learners to start as early as six months old when the learning is strongest and brains are more receptive to receiving new information, early swimming will help the further development of muscle memory. 

It will help to retain the swimming muscle memory, stays with them, enabling them to grasp better swimming in the future. 


We are affiliated with big organizations and provide expert swim training so everyone can learn swimming faster, easier.

Swimming Lessons For All Ages Since 2013

Swimming Lessons For Toddlers  

Toddlers loves to swim and should be given opportunity to do so. Swimming provides an excellent aerobic workout. It helps to stimulate optimal brain function and benefits for life.

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Swimming Lessons For Kids  

Teaching kids to swim is a life skill that helps to open doors to vast opportunities in life. Start equipping them with water safety knowledge as early as possible.

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Adult Swimming Lessons  

Swimming is the only life skill that is never too late to learn. In life there are many situations that actually require you to swim. You may swim for leisure, survival or the participation of water sports

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Baby Swimming Lessons  

Swimming right from birth give babies the opportunity to stimulate brain growth and development at a critical time. Build physical strength and coordination early

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Strokes Correction Swimming Lessons  

*This programme is strictly for swimmers who have some basic swimming skills in water and are looking to better refine his or her techniques and strokes.

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Competitive Swimming Lessons  

*This programme is focused solely on speed and training the individuals to become more competitive swimmers. Learn the techniques to swimming faster.

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Long Distance Swimming Lessons  

*This programme will focus on building endurance and increasing the stamina during swimming for individuals. This program is essential for weight loss and prepare individuals into open water swimming.

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Lifesaving Swimming Lessons  

*This programme focuses on building strong, resilient lifesavers. All-inclusive and structured curriculum following strictly with SLSS standard.

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Open Water Swimming Lessons  

*This programme is for open water swimmers and people who like adventures. Lessons will be conducted in open water space such as ocean, lakes, river, ponds and streams.

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Enrol yourself into the Singapore Swimming Warriors Program and complete all 6 stages at your own pace.

Certified Swim Safer Syllabus 2.0

Private Swimming Instructor Elective & Curriculums

Dive deeper into specialized sub-topics of swimming and gain practical knowledge and skills through attending the following hands-on swimming lessons.

Baby Swimming Lessons Program

Babies will be introduced to water and learn to get comfortable in it. The baby swimming lessons program, will enable the babies to learn water familiarization, breath control, free-floating, primary propulsion, submersion, and developing greater independence.

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Toddler Swimming Lessons

Professionally guided toddler swimming lessons to get students on the path of swim success. In toddler swimming lessons, the student will learn to do bobbing, floating, kicking, jumping, breath control, submersion, and gaining confidence in the water.
Progression is gradual, and swimming lessons for toddlers will provide a basis for future swimming.

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Kids Swimming Lessons

We will award the student demonstrating good swimming proficiency with swim safer certificates at the end of the course. Students will master the science of swimming and techniques, stay in the water longer without feeling tired.

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Adults Swimming Lessons

Swimming works for adults and provides health benefits for people of all ages and fitness levels. Adults will learn how to be safe in the water and how to react during life-threatening situations.

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Strokes Correction Swimming Lessons

Learn to better refine your swimming techniques, correct your positioning in the water to swim faster with less energy consumption. You will learn to keep your body as streamlined as possible by the end of the course.

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Speed Training Swimming Lessons

Learn how to increase your speed swimming with our popular stroke saver techniques from Total Immersion. By the end of the lessons, you will correct all your bad swimming habits with sound new ones automatically.

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Students attended and completed our swimming programs since 2014


Students feel more confident in applying swimming skills after attending our courses*


Students would recommend a friend to attend our courses*



Comprehensive private swimming lessons and public pool swimming lessons with a research-based swimming program that works. Individual monthly assessments to increase the swimming and water safety skills of everyone. Throughout the course, students will be taught corrections and the right techniques to ensure efficient swimming.



Our private swimming lessons program and teaching methodology are developed and delivered by swimming teachers with more than 2 years of experience in their respective fields. All our swimming teachers do training every 3 months ensuring knowledge and skills stay relevant. Our swimming instructors are all certified under Sport Singapore (NROC) , SSTA, ACSTA, and AUSTSWIM.



Structured swimming curriculum that addresses water adjustment skills, flotation skills, basic propulsion, breathing control, swimming stroke skills and entry exit skills in hierarchical fashions from the very basic to the complex.



Relevant and constantly updated curriculum. Students will be taught to perform survival techniques and drowning prevention techniques based on latest studies.



Take away actionable based best practices, process, techniques improvement, and immediately apply them to your daily swimming routine.



Our course modules are delivered in bite-sized segments, allowing for fast-paced learning and desirable learning outcomes.



Gain lifetime access to the online course resource library comprising of comprehensive course materials (course textbooks, ebooks, checklists, workbooks, templates, and more)..



Should you have any questions after completing your course, you may contact our trainers directly, post your questions in our support forum, or contact us for after-training support.

“It has been really useful after attending the adult swimming lessons, i was able to swim breaststroke and freestyle after 24 lessons. Coach Tydus is clearly very knowledgeable – conducted his swimming lessons with utmost professionalism and offered useful information on how i can be relaxed in the water.  The lesson schedule materials were comprehensive and well organised – truly informative and an enriching experience.”


Bedok Swimming Lessons

Attended The Adult Swimming Lessons Program

I came from overseas and am currently working as an expat in Singapore. I had approached many swimming coaches for my 2 years 7 months old small girl for swimming lessons. Was quite shocked to hear that her age was too young or ineligible to teach. Happened to chat with Coach Efficient and found out he was okay with kids as young as 7 months old. He have many different custom-made floats catered to young kids of all ages. This had made my daughter small hands easier on the board and accelerated her learning focus to build proficiency in swimming. I agree with Coach Efficient that swimming is one of the most important life skills to have. There are variety of swimming classes for adults in Singapore but so far I find that Friendly Dolphin Swim School provides the best teaching methods for all levels.  They are also especially specialized to teach toddler swimming with their unique and effective methods.  Highly Recommend Friendly Dolphin Swim School and Coach Efficient for her fun and efficient methods of teaching swimming.


Tampines Swimming Lessons

Attended The Kids Swimming Lessons 

Our son used to have water phobia towards swimming and deep water. We were worried one day if he accidentally fall into pools or sea. He will not have the skills and knowledge to help him survive. And thus seaside and pool family activities he was usually excluded and he had been really sad about it. I am surprised after a few lessons at Heartbeat, the new swimming complex in Bedok. Swimming Instructor Teryn had helped my son to overcome the fears and addressed our concern. We thank him for coaching my son to swim.

John, Rebecca. Parents Of Christopher

Bedok Swimming Lessons

Attended The Private Toddler Swimming Lessons

“Knowledgeable and helpful instructors that actually help me know a lot more about the techniques in swimming. It have boosted my kids confidence in water a lot!”.”

Tan Siew Hua

Pasir Ris Swimming Lessons

Attended The Group Kids And Adults Swimming Lessons 

“Great culture and useful swimming lessons. Some of the instructors are young but surprisingly knowledgeable about the techniques to helping us learn how to stay afloat in the water! Highly recommended. Their private condo lessons are really fun and interactive for students to learn the techniques fast with fun and no stress!”

Ai Ting

Jurong East Swimming Lessons

Attended The Group Adult Swimming Lessons 

“It taught how to be patient when seeing progress and be more relaxed in the water. Coach Dillion was one of the best instructor i have seen so far. Knowledgeable, patient and caring teacher”


Pasir Ris Swimming Lessons

Attended the Adult Private Swimming Lessons


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