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*This programme is focused on swimming long distance and have a slightly different techniques as compared to the competitive swim program which is more focused on speed.


12 Days (24 hours)

2 hours/session

Average duration to completion: 3 months


Pool, Instructor-led, Hands-on

Training is conducted live in Singapore


$600 for 8 hours lesson.

Distance Training


Long Distance Swimming Training Progressive Sequence

This 12 days course of 24 hours long distance swimming course will span to 3 months. Topics cover will be keeping your stroke long, learning the right breathing technique for long distance swimming, nutrition health, building fitness gradually through progressive cardio:


  • Right breathing technique
  • Nutrition health watch (Eat right and drink right)
  • Fitness Health through gradual cardio session

Learning the right breathing technique

Breathing like many exercises are the essential counts to track. When you do cardio exercise such as running and skipping you tend to follow a similar pattern of inhale-exhale method.

When we do exercise, our body tend to use up a lot of energy and our muscles will need to be supplemented with oxygen to keep it going.

Get comfortable putting your head inside water facing down

You will be taught to practice slowly getting comfortable with your head inside the water so as to make sure your hip and body go higher up the water surface.

Streamline position is the body position you will need to always maintain in order to keep your swimming easy. It is also one of the best way in swimming to eliminate big energy consumption.

It is always good to exhale inside water when we do swimming. Do not do it in haste and try to calm down yourself to do a exhale and inhale slowly.

Holding your breath when you head is inside water is generally a bad practice, the best is to breathe in slowly when your head is out of water and blow out air slowly when our head is inside the water.

Learn to keep your stroke long

Use all your moments during swim more efficiently by increasing your stroke length.

While you are maintaining the streamline position in swimming, make sure to use long pulls to give you more propulsion.

And also helps to reduce the energy consumption with the help of long pulling action.

Learn to do it gradually

The progress for long distance swimming is gradual. Like any fitness goals, you should start off with workout goals so that you can progress gradually.

Build your endurance in a small pace from 50 metres with a time frame, slowly moving up to more challenging distance with time frame shortened.




This programme is suitable for:
  • Swimmers who want to build their stamina through swimming.
  • Swimmers who are planning to go for open water swimming.
  • Swimmers who are looking to improve health condition through long distance training.
  • Swimmers who are training and looking for a regime to boost weight loss.



Upon successful completion of the long distance swimming program. Student will gain the proper energy saver during swimming and move on to take up open water swimming with more confidence


Basic swimming knowledge and must at least have the swimming proficiency of swimsafer silver stage or equivalent.


This workout will focus on increasing the aerobic and endurance training by incrementally increasing the distances.

First the coach will determine how long distance you will be swimming within the workout, then the workout will be broken into smaller different phases.

For examples if you are looking to cover 800 metres swim, the ladder of the swimming session for this training will be broken down into section such as : 50 metres, 100 metres, 200 metres, 400 metres or longer.

This long distance training will get the swimmer to warm up and get prepared to do longer distances swim.

This exercise is use to build better endurance and mental strength.

This exercise is usually initiated to teach internal pacing, breath control as well as muscular endurance.

Students will be told to do 4-7 sets of 2000 metres swim for few training. The goal here is to maintain pace through each of the set, and making sure that every set is faster than the previous one.

This will help to give some healthy stress to students and they will in turn race and do longer better finish during race day.


In this 12-day programme, you will learn:
  • How to breathe right with more oxygen intake, better rhythm, more power as well as efficiency in the water.
  • What are the better breathing method to choose while doing long distance swimming.
  • You will learn the preparation of good nutrition for long distance swimming.
  • How to do long distance swim that is 6000, to 9000 metres long straight.
  • How to maintain a good mindset and physical condition to train on one’s own fitness limit.
  • How to conserve energy, maintain pace throughout long open or survival training preparation.
  • Training alongside with others that share the same interest and goals with you.


By the end of the class, students will:
  • Be able to swim freestyle with more ease, longer distance swim and breathe correctly
  • Be able to prepare for food and know what is best for digestion and focused on food that are quick to eat.
  • Be able to get comfortable swimming in cool and deep water.
  • Be trained in shoulder strengthening and reduces risk of injury from long open swim.
  • Be able to have the self protect knowledge to handle open water swim such as dehydration, sunburn, jellyfish and injury prevention
  • Become mentally and physically more tough

Swimming Instructors


With more than 7 years of experience in the swimming industry, she have worked on many swimming projects both locally and overseas spanning the South East Asian Region. During her free time, she often organizes triathlon competitions and ironman challenges. Always striving to challenge her limits both physically and mentally in sports.

She believes that teaching is the most important profession in the world. And more so as a swimming teacher, swimming is a life skill that evokes many benefits associated with it. It is the only life skill in the world that can actually saves your life and bring convenience to you at the same time.

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Recognized as a nice and good authority in the fields of swimming. He is well versed in coaching competitive swimming strokes. He made it his mission to impart all his knowledge and skills accumulate throughout the many years to all his students.

And most important help them achieve their goal of being proficient in swimming at the end of the swimming lessons.

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This is a no original swimming instructor. Being young and adventurous, he enjoys writing and reading a lot. He believed strongly that in order to make good swimming lessons, one should never stop learning and reading everyday. After all, we are imparting knowledge and skills to learners.

He always make sure to keep himself updated with the latest trend in swimming and strive to find better ways to teach so that students will understand better.

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Being an active Sports SG members, the coach has a vast amount of experience almost 20 years in providing sports and swimming education to students of all ages.

In the past 5 years, he and his team of swimming instructors have take on many swimmming projects and helped to improve the swimming quality and standard of swim safer assessments syllabus.

Throughout his career as a swim team guidance specialist, he has taught more than 5000 students and have passed more than 4000 students since 3 years ago when he started off as an assessor. Many of the primary and secondary schools students are currently under his belt and management in the process of getting the 10 compulsory swim lessons for safe swimming.

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The cost of a private swimming coach in Singapore might vary. I often get people asking me for good swimming coach recommendation, i believe that every individual instructor will have a set of their own ways to guide. There are also many variables and factors determining if the coach or instructor are actually right for your kids. I would say every instructors are good as long as it blend and bond well with the students. At the end of the course, objectives will be the same – to inspire love and water safety in all our students

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Recognized as an authority in the fields of swimming and an instructor who have have had experience teaching in public swimming pools all around in Singapore, Teng made it his mission to train and conduct all his groups and individuals classes to establish a successful, and above all education for all his students of any ages.

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Long distance swimming like other essential swimming skill is better learned through guided practices. You will retain the information learned better through practice and guided tutorials. We apply instructional design methodologies such as multiple intelligence framework from Prof Howard Gardner for better learning and retention of information.

The course is designed in such a way to enforce slow progressive learning. Course modules are designed to build on the fundamentals and gradually moving up to more complex activities. Students will learn through practice and feedback.


“I am currently learning competitive swimming with Coach Sim at Friendly Dolphin Swim School.  He is very knowledgeable and patient when guiding on the fundamentals. I enjoy the swimming lessons even though it was tough with so many more experienced fellow friends with me in this common goal. I have gained more swimming skills since the past 9 month i started joining. Will definitely recommend friendly dolphin swim school to more learners interested in this long distance ride!


Evelyn Tan

Long Distance Swimming Compete Group 98

Evelyn Tan


Course Fees :

Course Fees :
Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex/ Clementi Swimming Complex/ Pasir Ris Swimming Complex/ Sengkang Swimming Complex

$600 for 8 sessions

Delta Swimming Complex
$650 for 10 sessions

Course Fees:
View course fees →



Course Duration:
12 Days (96 hours)
9am – 6pm each day
Average duration to completion: 1.5 to 3 months

Course Schedules:
View course schedules →

(View course schedules of all core modules)


There is no timeframe or time limit. However, the recommended timeframe to complete all swimming modules is within 6 months to a year, and the average time to complete it is 1.5 months to 3 months.

This course is for swimmers who are advanced in swimming techniques. It does not increase your speed like competitive swimming lessons, however it does compliments to it by adding more endurance through the build up gradual improvements via long distance swimming lessons.

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