Tampines Swimming Instructor


WX has been a swimming coach in Tampines for the past eleven years. As an active Sport Singapore member and an NROC-certified instructor, this Tampines swimming coach has nearly nine years of expertise teaching sports and swimming to pupils of all ages.

It is difficult for a student to pick a good teacher, but it is more difficult for a teacher to pick a good student.

Grandmaster Ipman

He and his team of swimming instructors have taken on various swimming projects over the last five years, helping to increase the swimming quality and standard of the syllabus of the swim safer examination.

He has taught over 5000 students and passed over 4000 students in his profession as a swim team guidance specialist since beginning as an assessor five years ago.

Many primary and secondary school pupils are currently under his tutelage, and the administration is in the process of obtaining the ten mandatory swim lessons for safe swimming.

Team of Tampines Swimming Instructors

He is also one of the Tampines Swimming Instructors team leaders. The coach, who has worked on private and public initiatives, firmly believes in providing students and swimming instructors with a greater grasp of swimming methods and efficiency to achieve better alignment with swim-safer programs.

He ensures that all of his students regard water safety as more important than being able to swim safely by the end of their swimming classes.

Patient and Experienced

He understands that learning to swim takes time and prefers gently approaching progressions throughout his swimming lessons.

He is a firm believer that, at the end of the day, students must like the session to learn a new skill. Progress happens considerably faster when it happens gradually and without pressure.

Tampines swimming coach and swim safer examiner with extensive evaluation expertise from 2010. He is frequently heard speaking at group meetings and sports talks about water safety, how to maintain swimming standards, and swim safer assessment standards.

Swimming methods are extremely important, as are the numerous benefits swimming may provide to people. He is enthusiastic about teaching and ensuring that all of his students know how to swim.

During the weekday evenings, he may be spotted swimming at the Pasir Ris Swimming Complex. Time and again, he provides excellent advice to anyone in need.

He is currently employed with Sport Singapore and Friendly Dolphin Swim School as a part-time swimming instructor. He spent most of his time working full-time on his own enterprises and digital marketing agency.

As of 2018, he has a first-class honors degree in communication and marketing from Singapore Management University and a master’s in marketing communication from the National University of Singapore.

Tampines Swimming Coach

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