Tampines Swimming Instructor


WX is a Tampines swimming coach that has been coaching for the past 9 years. Being an active Sport Singapore member and a certified instructor under NROC, this Tampines swimming coach has a vast amount of experience almost 9 years in providing sports and swimming education to students of all ages.

It is difficult for a student to pick a good teacher, but it is more difficult for a teacher to pick a good student.

Grandmaster Ipman

In the past 5 years, he and his team of swimming instructors have taken on many swimming projects and helped to improve the swimming quality and standard of swim safer assessments syllabus.

Throughout his career as a swim team guidance specialist, he has taught more than 5000 students and has passed more than 4000 students since 3 years ago when he started off as an assessor.

Many of the primary and secondary school students are currently under his belt and management in the process of getting the 10 compulsory swim lessons for safe swimming.

Team of Tampines Swimming Instructors

He is also one of the team leaders for Tampines Swimming Instructors. Having been doing on both private and public projects, the coach strongly believes in empowering students and swimming instructors with a deeper understanding of swimming techniques and efficiency so as to achieve better alignment with the swim safer programs.

He makes sure that all his students take water safety as something that carries more importance than having the swim safer by the end of their swimming lessons.

Patient and Experienced

He knows learning to swim takes time and usually like to approach progressions gradually during his swimming classes.

He believes strongly that at the end of the day, the students need to enjoy the class for them to pick up a new skill. Progress comes much faster at a gradual pace with no pressure.

Being a Tampines swimming coach and swim safer assessors with rich experience of doing assessments from 2010 to date. He is often found speaking in group meetings and sports talk about water safety, how to upkeep the standard of swimming as well as swim safer assessments standard.

Very particular about swimming techniques and the many benefits swimming can bring to people. He is passionate to teach and make sure all his students know how to swim.

He is often found in Pasir Ris Swimming Complex swimming leisure during weekdays evening. Time and time again giving sound guidance to anyone who needs his advice.

He is currently working as a part-time swimming instructor under Sport Singapore and Friendly Dolphin Swim School. He spent most of his time working on his own businesses and digital marketing agency on a full-time basis.

He holds a first-class honors degree in communication and marketing from Singapore Management University as well as a master’s degree in marketing communication from the National University Of Singapore as of 2018.

Tampines Swimming Coach

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