Pasir Ris Swimming Coach


This is a no original swimming instructor. Being young and adventurous, he enjoys writing and reading a lot. He believed strongly that in order to make good swimming lessons, one should never stop learning and reading everyday. After all, we are imparting knowledge and skills to learners.

He always make sure to keep himself updated with the latest trend in swimming and strive to find better ways to teach so that students will understand better.

Ever since his career since 4 years back, which he was introduced by his uncle during his teenage years. He have taught more than 1500 students. Assessed and passed 954 students to date as a part time swimming instructor. He do not call himself as the know it all expert, instead he would like to be named as the learn it all expert.

He loves experimentation and usually like to apply what he learned from books to better teach swimming strokes to students. He believes strongly that swimming should move stage by stage and always make sure that students be able to do the simple skill first before moving on to more complex ones.

He currently hold many swimming projects from Ministry Of Education and are working on competitive swimming learners. He work on a part time basis as a swimming instructor. Full time entrepreneur and managing few digital marketing agencies in Singapore as well as Malaysia.

Pasir Ris Swimming Coach

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