Pasir Ris Swimming Coach



This swimming instructor is not new. He loves writing and reading a lot. He was certain that studying and reading should never stop to provide excellent swimming training. After all, we are teaching students new information and abilities.

He always keeps current on swimming trends and works to improve his teaching techniques to help pupils learn more effectively.

Since beginning his career four years ago after being introduced to it by his uncle as a teenager, more than 1500 pupils have studied under him. Nine hundred fifty-four pupils have been evaluated and passed as part-time swimming instructors. He prefers to be referred to as the learn it all expert rather than the know it all expert.

He enjoys trying new things and frequently uses what he has learned from books to help pupils practice swimming strokes. He fervently believes that teaching swimming should proceed in stages, with the simple skills always coming before the more difficult ones.

He is currently working on swimmers who are competitive as part of numerous swimming programs for the Ministry of Education. He works as a swimming instructor part-time. Full-time business owner running a couple of digital marketing firms in Malaysia and Singapore.



Pasir Ris Swimming Coach

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