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*This programme has 4 core modules to improve your strokes and swimming. We will help you understand and help you do a wrong strokes checking in this swimming lessons. The course is designed with you in mind, we want you to learn the right techniques so that you can do swimming with more efficiency next time.


4 days/ month

( 45 mins/session)

Weekdays 5pm-9pm
Weekends 9am- 12pm

Average duration to completion:

12 months


Pool, Instructor-led, Hands-on

Training is conducted live in Singapore


From S$260/month

4 Lessons per month


Strokes Correction Progression Sequence

This 12 months programme of strokes correction swimming lessons will span across 4 crucial topics mainly correcting the 4 competitive strokes. The course will follow a hierarchical recommended sequence:

  1. Floating Technique
  2. Rhythmic Breathing (Unilateral/Bilateral Breathing techniques)
  3. Front Crawl Position of head, arms, shoulder, force, and legs
  4. Breast Stroke Position of head, arms, shoulder, force, and legs
  5. Back Crawl Position of head, arms, shoulder, force, and legs
  6. Butterfly Position of head, arms, shoulder, force, and legs

Many swimmers will make the same mistake of dragging their heavy legs and hips below the water’s surface. This common flaw that has frustrated many swimmers is the worst problem that hinders correct swimming. This behavior in water will sap their energy faster than anything else in water.

How We Conduct Stroke Correction Swimming Classes?

Throughout our stroke correction swimming classes, we use a variety of drills and offer a variety of approaches to correcting the various strokes.

There would be a variation in drills and techniques to be taught for every stroke. Never assuming that there is a drill that works for everyone to perfect every stroke would be a mistake.

Every stroke receives the same individualized care and attention from us as it does from all of our clients in our private swimming classes. Everybody has various problems with each stroke, whether it be the butterfly, backstroke, front crawl, or breaststroke, and no two people are the same. Because of this, our drills would also need to be adjusted and differentiated to accommodate various stroke error profiles.

This programme is suitable for:
  • Swimming enthusiasts looking to swim faster, improve on strokes with less effort
  • Competitive Swimmers
  • Long Distance Swimmers
  • Triathletes



Upon successful completion of all 4 core competitive swimming strokes correction. Students will be awarded certification by Friendly Dolphin Swim School that students have completed the strokes correction training with us. 


Basic swimming skill. Each participant should be well versed with what are the four strokes of swimming.


Students will be trained to do better floating and propulsion at the start of the stroke correction swimming lessons.

Floating is a characteristics of a human body as our lungs will always contain air on the upper body.

But still some of us float better than the other dependent on few factors:

  • Saltwater is better to float as compared to freshwater due to the density of the water.
  • Children float better than adults.
  • Females float better than males.
  • The volume of air in the lungs
  • Individual muscle to fat ratio
  • Centre of gravity due to the shape of the body.

Quality is always better than quantity. You might see some people doing multiple strokes at one shot and not moving far. And some people completing longer distance after doing only few strokes.

You will be taught to do shaping and positioning of the body to reduce drag and become more efficient in swimming.

At this stage, the focus is on getting comfortable in water.

Active streamlining will be taught to reduce and avoid water drag. This technique is used by mammal and their little secret to swimming with less effort.

Rather than increasing strength to pull, student will use fish like positioning and shaping for better swim.

Tested and proven studies  have shown that 70 per cent of swimming performance is determined, by how well individuals can streamline their body.

Only 30 percent on how fit and powerful you are unlike many other sports that requires more power and strength.


In this programme, you will learn:
  • How to keep your body, long, balanced during recovery.
  • The step by step break down of equally complex swimming techniques to a series of fundamentals.
  • The importance of recovery and how it can help you add speed and motion to ensure smoother swim with gliding.
  • To make sure arms reach forward instead of downward during every swim stroke.
  • To make use of the body space  between your armpit or the buoy. This will help support your lower body up the water surface when you swim.
  • To correct arm pull in breast stroke, always making sure that is a circular motion in every pull.
  • To breathe in the right way whenever your head clear the water during breast stroke. This will ensure better efficiency in swimming.
  • To develop correct synchronization of breathing and arm pulling techniques for all strokes.
  • How to swim taller in water, regardless of height and techniques to increase your Froude numbers.


By the end of the lessons, students will be able to:
  • Know how the body behave inside water and how to perform better strokes in swimming.
  • Become aware of the bad habits accumulated previously and be able to correct it in swimming drills.
  • Practice new skills from a neuromuscular blank slate without having to create anything new.
  • Perform immersion method of learning swimming in bite sized which can be used again and again when practicing for any new stroke or skill.
  • Perform swimming with good stroking techniques. Aided support by keeping the body streamline through better floating and propulsion skill.
  • Perform all swimming strokes (Butterfly stroke, back stroke, front crawl and breast stroke) in an almost perfect positioning in water.
  • Do more efficient stroke and know the learn how to use Froude number and mathematical formulas to your advantage and improve swimming.

Swimming Instructors


With more than 7 years of experience in the swimming industry, she have worked on many swimming projects both locally and overseas spanning the South East Asian Region. During her free time, she often organizes triathlon competitions and ironman challenges. Always striving to challenge her limits both physically and mentally in sports.

She believes that teaching is the most important profession in the world. And more so as a swimming teacher, swimming is a life skill that evokes many benefits associated with it. It is the only life skill in the world that can actually saves your life and bring convenience to you at the same time.

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Recognized as a nice and good authority in the fields of swimming. He is well versed in coaching competitive swimming strokes. He made it his mission to impart all his knowledge and skills accumulate throughout the many years to all his students.

And most important help them achieve their goal of being proficient in swimming at the end of the swimming lessons. He had been a Sengkang swimming coach with experience of 9 years. He is currently certified under NROC, Sports Singapore and part of the Sengkang Swimming Instructors team for assessments for Swim Safer.

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This is a no original swimming instructor. Being young and adventurous, he enjoys writing and reading a lot. He believed strongly that in order to make good swimming lessons, one should never stop learning and reading everyday. After all, we are imparting knowledge and skills to learners.

He always make sure to keep himself updated with the latest trend in swimming and strive to find better ways to teach so that students will understand better.

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Being an active Sports SG members, the coach has a vast amount of experience almost 20 years in providing sports and swimming education to students of all ages.

In the past 5 years, he and his team of swimming instructors have take on many swimmming projects and helped to improve the swimming quality and standard of swim safer assessments syllabus.

Throughout his career as a swim team guidance specialist, he has taught more than 5000 students and have passed more than 4000 students since 3 years ago when he started off as an assessor. Many of the primary and secondary schools students are currently under his belt and management in the process of getting the 10 compulsory swim lessons for safe swimming.

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The cost of a private swimming coach in Singapore might vary. I often get people asking me for good swimming coach recommendation, i believe that every individual instructor will have a set of their own ways to guide. There are also many variables and factors determining if the coach or instructor are actually right for your kids. I would say every instructors are good as long as it blend and bond well with the students. At the end of the course, objectives will be the same – to inspire love and water safety in all our students.

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Recognized as an experienced swimming teacher in the fields of swimming and an instructor who have have had experience teaching in public swimming pools all around in Singapore, Teng made it his mission to train and consult businesses and individuals to establish a successful, and above all education for all his students of any ages.

Throughout his career as a swimming instructor, he have several swim school projects for many private and government schools in Singapore. He leads many swim school projects which includes wide range of strokes corrections, different spectrum of students and swim safer targets. His extensive swim teaching experience of over a two decades as of 2019 has honed his ability to deliver solutions and teaching for all kinds of swimming practices.

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Retain knowledge better through practice and corrections. The school apply multiple intelligence techniques in the transfer of knowledge and information retention.

The progress in the programme is progressive and the sensory exercises are put into practice in logical and bite sized modules. This will add in better learning and retention of information.


“I have taken the stroke correction swimming lessons with coach WX. I have always been a voracious swimmer and had been in the pool for many times. However it was when i got into the open water that i realized most of my strokes was not proficient enough for me to swim against the wave.

Coach WX was really knowledgeable, good and awesome. He was patient, shared all his years of knowledge and expertise to me. I can fully grasp the water feel and pressure points to kick through his explanations. It was really a good insight and i have learned so much about swimming i never knew before. Throughout all the 80 exercises we did, i had finally gain so much confidence and are able to challenge and make use of the waves now in open water swimming

Thanks again Friendly Dolphin for their professional coaches and i definitely recommend the school and the coaches to my friends!”


Rachel Teo

Group Stroke Corrections Swimming Lessons

Rachel Teo


Course Fees (Per Module):

No. of Students Fees/ Per Student (Per Month/4 Lessons)
Individual $260

Duration: 45 minutes


No. of Students Fees/ Per Student (Per Month/4 Lessons)
2 in a group $170
3 in a group $130
4 in a group $100
5 in a group $90
6 and abv. $80

Duration: 45 minutes



Course Duration:
52 months – 70 months



You can sign up through our website by clicking at the sign up button below and fill up your details. You may also drop us a whatsapp message to register +65 8748 3645

Yes definitely we know the main problems to techniques and strokes are linked to the dragging along of the hip and legs below the water surface. This way of swimming is common and also one of the worse problems. Its take your energy bar so fast you ever imagined. You will be guided on the pressing your buoy drill to correct this common problem. However do be patient as it takes many practices and hours of drills to correct this flaw for good!

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