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Special Needs Swimming Lessons

Friendly Dolphin is an official Sport SG Swim School and is the pioneer in Singapore for private swimming classes for people with special needs. Currently, we are the only private swimming school that frequently participates in volunteer initiatives with groups such as the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped.

These programs allow Friendly Dolphin to give back to the community and ensure that our coaches are routinely exposed to special needs clients on a voluntary and altruistic basis. As a result of their regular exposure, our coaches’ empathy for special needs individuals stands out in the community.

special needs swimming lessons
patience and love

Patience & Love For Special Needs

Swimming classes are provided for autism, cerebral palsy, and other developmentally challenged youngsters. The class is taught in private lessons so that our instructors may offer each student their undivided attention.

Special Needs Swimming Classes assist youngsters with physical, social, and emotional development issues. It also increases self-esteem and contentment, and it has the potential to contribute to favorable societal results.

For this group of students to adjust smoothly, patience and a well-thought-out lesson plan are required. Parents must participate in the group class lesson.

Special Needs Swimming Lessons Objectives

  • Increased motor processing skills in the water to deal with various scenarios in the water
  • Improve your muscular strength and motions, including kicking, arm, breathing, and body position.
  • Increase awareness of water and your surroundings.
special needs swimming lessons
how we conduct our special needs swimming lessons

How We Conduct Our Special Needs Swimming Lessons?

To guarantee that our swimmers learn specific skill sets and are encouraged to interact with our instructors in their own unique ways, we conduct our classes with a unique approach.

Our instructors frequently successfully get special needs swimmers’ positive reactions thanks to our knowledge in this area. This fosters a great deal of trust, which can help them along the road as they learn to swim with Friendly Dolphin.

Our long-term goal is to educate our swimmers with special needs and gradually equip themselves with skills to survive in water. We think every individual deserves the chance to experience as much learning as they can, even if it takes longer than usual.

Why Choose Friendly Dolphin Special Needs Swimming Lessons? 

  • ADHD – Special Needs Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Learning to Swim
  • Our teaching methodology is at the forefront of Friendly Dolphin’s reputation as Singapore’s go-to supplier for special needs swimming classes.
  • Our co-founder Jerry, who specializes in teaching toddlers and people with special needs to swim, developed Friendly Dolphin’s Special Needs Swimming Lessons Syllabus based on the following principles:
  • Provider of Psychological First Aid ( Children with Water Phobia )
  • Working with ADHD in Children ( SSI )
  • Early Intervention for Special Needs Children ( SSI )
  • Therapy using cognitive behavior ( SSI )
  • It is crucial to remember that educating people with special needs is a distinct ability that does not develop via trial and mistake. Therefore, it is essential to have particular skill sets, which must be learned through specialized techniques.
why choose friendly dolphin special needs

Unique Approach

Our Special Needs Swimming Lessons go beyond simply teaching water safety. We employ a specialized structure and curriculum that addresses their specific water safety problems.

It is designed to enhance cognitive, verbal, physical, emotional, and social milestone successes while providing a flexible and adaptive lesson plan to meet the interests of our unique swimmers. Using learning aids such as pictures and symbols involves implementing a Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) to enhance cerebral activation and link visual and verbal signals to physical movements.

They will also master fundamental skills such as blowing bubbles, moving through the water, and staying afloat, to mention a few.

These can aid in their speech articulation, coordination, and spatial awareness as they work toward a physical objective while dealing with potential emotional stress. Furthermore, the buoyancy and repetitive motions of the pool might help relieve anxiety. Along with other doable water activities, it will increase self-esteem and confidence in openly expressing sentiments.

Target Audience

This program is for kids between the ages of 3 and 12 (children below 3 years old are welcome to join our Infant & Toddler Programs). Each lesson will be made to fit the needs and interests of each student and will be taught either in a small group or one-on-one.


To get the most out of your learning experience, we recommend that you master the front crawl stroke before enrolling.

Stroke Efficiency Test: Swim 100m (front crawl) without stopping.

Course Highlights

In this three-four sessions curriculum, you will master the theoretical applications of water safety, survival in water, rescue concepts, and aftercare for emergencies.

  • How to do CPR and its use in various situations.
  • How to do a land-based rescue for a victim in deep water between 2 and 10 meters distant.
  • How to do a water-based rescue 15 to 20 meters from safety for a conscious victim in deep water.
  • To develop rescue resiliency and fitness to save a conscious victim 15 to 20 meters from safely submerged in deep water.
  • How to rescue an unconscious, non-breathing victim 15 meters from safety who is underwater.
  • Exam designed to assess initiative and application of acquired information in real-world settings.
  • Swimming for physical health, resiliency, and technique evaluation


Some essential FAQs of Special Needs Swimming Lessons.

Water confidence and survival abilities are regarded as fundamental life skills for anyone.

This is especially important for special needs children, who may not know how to vent their frustration in stressful situations in the water or how to regulate their energy level to avoid unsafe behavior in the pool.

As a result, special needs children require even more swimming lessons to learn to swim since they may be more prone to stressful and dangerous situations in water that they do not know how to react to or avoid.

We educate our special needs children on a wide range of swimming skills, including Accident Survivor Swimming, water confidence, and how to swim.

Our Learn to Swim Program is designed so that our special needs children may learn at their speed, pick their curriculum, and, most importantly, have the most fun in an atmosphere that puts them on an equal footing with their classmates.

If you are seeking a compassionate and exceptionally trained special needs instructor to teach your kid to swim, we will do our best to help you.

Learn more about Swimming Lessons for Children!

Using extreme caution when selecting a swimming instructor for a special needs child is critical. Friendly Dolphin Swim School has been a trusted service provider of Special Needs swimming classes, as evidenced by numerous media articles and customer reviews.

Friendly Dolphin Swim School’s commitment to Special Needs community participation has also led to various groups requesting partnerships with Friendly Dolphins’ trained trainers for special needs training.

Before being assigned to the category of lessons the customer desires, our coaches are extensively trained and exposed to the many sorts of Special Needs.

Friendly Dolphin Swimming Instructors have extensive knowledge of all sorts of special needs. Here are several examples:

  • Autism
  • Attention Deficit Disorder Hyperactive Behavior Disorder
  • The Down Syndrome
  • The Rett Syndrome
  • Impaired Vision

Mild Autism and mild Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are among the more frequent special needs in Singapore. Despite this, the number of specialized sports service providers for them is among the lowest in the country.

Swimming is a sport that immediately benefits and assists the development of children with special needs. Children with autism, for example, will feel “secure” while swimming. In addition, the compressed pressure of the water creates an isolated atmosphere in which children with autism feel comfortable exercising.

Similarly, swimming is a high-intensity activity that demands full-body coordination. Again, such precise synchronization in an unfamiliar setting helps ADHD children focus their energy and attention on mastering skills that will help them navigate the pool.

Pace yourself correctly and at the appropriate times.

Adopt various swimming tactics and skills for various scenarios.

We focus on technique more than fitness, with plenty of correction rather than going up and down the pool. An intense training that focuses on technique and will prepare you for the open water swim.

Special Needs Swimming Lessons

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Special Needs Swimming Lessons

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