Bedok Swimming Complex is now called Heartbeat@Bedok. It has been renamed and renovated. Before it was changed, the old one was next to the Bedok community center.

When the Heartbeat@ Bedok swimming complex was first officially opened in 1981, it was the first one of its kind.

Bedok, which has about 289,000 people living there, is extensive planning and population area in the eastern part of the country. It is now a hot spot and has been named a mature residential town as of 2019.

In Singapore, Bedok is one of the oldest public swimming pools. It has been recently renovated and added to Heartbeat@Bedok.

Before the renovation, the pools were next to Bedok South Road and on Upper Changi. People in Bedok and students go to the swimming complex to swim for fun and learn how to swim and for lessons.

There were also water sports like water polo games, a swim meet, and swimming competitions between the different teams at the old Bedok pool.

Heartbeat Bedok Swimming Pool

Heartbeat @ Bedok pool was built with a central theme of greenery. The greenery helps to cool down the building and save energy simultaneously, so it was a good idea to put it there.

It has many features that are good for the environment, like a design that lets solar energy go into the building. The whole infrastructure changed from an old skate park to a single structure that could be used for many different things.

This new change was meant to help bring different services together under one roof, making it easier for people of all ages to live their lives in one place.

During the year 2017, it was officially opened. This hub will be where everyone who needs to learn new things can go. It will have classes like handicrafts, swimming lessons, yoga lessons, group pilates workouts, etc.

Using LED lights that use less energy is also a good idea. In addition, many recreational activities are available to you at Heartbeat @ Bedok, which has a lot of different things you can do.

Bedok Swimming Pool

Things To Do After Swimming

There are a lot of places where people can go to get a bite to eat after working out. There will be a Burger King, Sushi Express, and Gelatoworks in the complex and other food places.

Eight badminton courts may be reserved at the Bedok sports facility, which Sports Singapore currently manages.

Heartbeat @ Bedok itself has one indoor pool where you can train all day, no matter what the weather is like, for people who want to swim anytime.

The teaching pool is based on how many swimming lessons and practices are booked each day.

In the other corner of the complex, there is an outdoor swimming pool that is Olympic size. So people who like the sun and want to get a good tan can go for it.

Bedok sports hub is the place to go to enjoy your daily exercise and meet your daily exercise goals.

Formal swimming lessons can cut the risk of drowning by as much as 88% for kids between 1 and 4.

bedok swimming complex
Wading Pool @ Heartbeat Bedok Swimming Complex

Nearest Community Clubs

There are two CCs near Heartbeat @ Bedok on the north side of Bedok town. Both places are about a mile away by bicycle, and about two to three bus stops away.

Fengshan Community Club, Bedok Community Center, and Kampong Chai Chee Community Club CC are open from 9:00 to 22:00 every Monday to Sunday.

The operation hours for Bedok CC are 9:00 to 21:30 every day from Monday to Sunday.

Bedok Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Bedok Swimming Lessons in Singapore are provided in this swimming complex, and you can take them there.

First, you need to know that people of any age, ability, or gender can learn how to swim.

This is important. Having good swimming skills is one of the most important things you can do for your health, education, and fun.

Only this can keep you healthy all your life. Everybody should start early. Pick up a new skill that will make you less likely to make a mistake and save someone else someday!

Friendly Dolphin Swim School is here to help you learn to swim right now! We offer the best swimming lessons at the Bedok Heartbeat Swimming Complex!


11 Bedok North Street 1, Singapore 469662

Get Direction


+6443 1787


Monday 6.30am to 9.30pm
Tuesday 8.00am to 9.30pm
Wednesday 8.00am to 9.30pm
Thursday Closed
Friday 6.30am to 9.30pm
Saturday 6.30am to 9.30pm
Sunday 6.30am to 9.30pm

Entrance Fees

Weekdays Weekends
Adult S$1.00 S$1.30
Children S$0.50 S$0.60
Senior Sitizen S$0.50 S$0.60

Nearest Shopping Centres

Bedok Mall 1.4km
Xtreme Skate Park 4.1km
East Coast Park Jetty 3.8km
Bedok Point 885m
Djitsun Mall @ Bedok 706m
Bedok Reservoir Park 2.2km
Sheng Shiong 1.2km
Siglap Centre 2.1km

Nearest MRT

Bedok MRT (NS19) 330m

Nearest Swimming Complex

Pasir Ris SC
Tampines SC


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