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The Olympic continues to be a central arena where competitive swimmers set official records, such as the FINA swimming world cup.

*This competitive swimming training Singapore program is focused on competitive swimming techniques, improving and doing longer strokes completing the lap with faster times.


Ongoing (52 -70 hours per year)

1.5 hour each day/week

Average duration:
90 minutes


Pool, Instructor-led, Hands-on

Lessons conducted in Singapore


From $400/month


Competitive Swimmer Progression Sequence.

Competitive swimming training Singapore program is an ongoing course that may go up to 5 years or longer. We will be covering on 6 competitive swimmer modules in the following recommended sequence:

  1. Specific stroke correction and information sharing
  2. Measurable techniques and time frame correction with practice
  3. Achievable realistic, attainable individual corrections to ensure success catered to individuality. Tracking on overlooked opportunities that each individual can improve based on individual potential and swimming techniques.
  4. Applicable, relevant technique drills for breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle, backstroke, and individual medley
  5. Shortening time frame every single practice gradually
  6. You will be educated on the 3 cardinal rules for going faster such as balancing your body in water, making your body longer and swimming on your side.

Motivational Competitive Swimming Lessons

We believe in training smarter not harder. Our school constantly finds new ways to make the process of competitive swimming fun again. Everyone should feel happy, excited and what swimming meant to them when they are underwater to keep the motivation up during competitive swimming.

Every motto to stand by for competitive swimmer: “I love to go swimming, and competing is just a stronger expression of that.”

We keep in mind training the competitive swimmer’s resilience in mind first over the body. This is the mindset that the school wish to cultivate in our students, and also in the philosophy of swim coaching for those who swim to compete.

During this training, swimmers will get more drive and energy to accomplish more in the long run.

Our training plan is focused more on ultra short race pace training program, a program commonly practice for all competitive swimming nowadays.

Mental and physical connection training will be put in place in USRPT training helping athletes alike to swim faster and improve in physical strength and mental strength altogether.

This programme is suitable for:
  • Swimmer who is ready to build their endurance through competitive swimming.
  • Swimmers who are interested in improving  techniques in swimming to reach a faster swimming pace.
  • Swimmers interested in taking part major competitions.
  • Swimmers who are looking to improve in endurance and stamina to better prepare for open water swimming.


Upon successful completion of all core modules and practice in competitive swimming. Participants will be fit for competitive inter -school or national level competition. 


Swimmers who have at least passed Swimsafer Bronze Stage and above. Or Equivalent swimming level.


This level will emphasize more on competitive short distance training. How to do a flip turns correctly and performing strokes for competitive swimming or pre-lifeguard training. Most of the activities in this section will take place in deep water.

Module 1 will consist of all competitive techniques and swimming control such as better propulsion and better floating in the water.

  • Front crawl practice 1.1: Front crawl 50 meters, 100 meters
  • Back crawl practice 1.2: Backstroke 50 meters, 100 meters
  • Breaststroke 1.3: Breaststroke 40 meters with coordinated arms, legs, and breathing
  • Sidestroke 1.4: 50 meters and 100 meters stroke
  • Turn 1.5: Open turning on front and flip turn from front crawl
  • Turn 1.6: Front crawl 50 meters using a flip turn at 25 meters finishing one lap.
  • Turn 1.7: Breaststroke 50 meters using a legal turn at 25 meters.


Mental reinforcement is very important in competitive swimming as it is the main ingredient to drive better results.

Always maintaining a positive attitude and awareness of each individual goals associated with competitive is what will drive swimmers to go further.

Module 2 will have more emphasis put on cultivating a positive mentality and more advanced swimming stroke.

  • Backstroke Practice 2.1: Backstroke 50 meters using a backstroke flip turns at 25 meters.
  • Butterfly Practice 2.2: Butterfly stroke progression 10 times.
  • Butterfly Practice 2.3: Butterfly with fins for 25 meters
  • Butterfly Practice 2.4: Butterfly 25 meters
  • Individual Medley Practice 2.5: Individual medley swimming for 100 meters.


In this competitive swimming training Singapore program, students will learn:
    • How to swim faster with the techniques from total immersion.
    • How to craft a technique to swim based on individuality water feel and better propulsion.
    • How to master the art of swimming with less effort in water
    • To build on mental strength and use of physical potential.
    • Various better techniques to use your body and positioning on the water to achieve more efficient swimming.
    • Learn how to swim from side to side instead of lying on your stomach.
    • Use gliding force and not kicking force to improve motion and propulsion.


By the end of the competitive swimming training Singapore program, students will be able to:
  • Develop own swimming regime as well as good nutrition habit to supplement better strokes and enable better propulsion of swimming.
  • Understand the importance of using gliding, propulsion, floating as well as the resistance of water to create greater movements.
  • Perform butterfly with the right positioning and forward motion.
  • Perform a more efficient front crawl.
  • Perform better back crawl with the right kind of kicking in the water using good water pressure resistance point
  • Perform a proper breaststroke with longer gliding and harder whip kicks

Swimming Instructors


With more than 7 years of experience in the swimming industry, she have worked on many swimming projects both locally and overseas spanning the South East Asian Region. During her free time, she often organizes triathlon competitions and ironman challenges. Always striving to challenge her limits both physically and mentally in sports.

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Recognized as a nice and good authority in the fields of swimming. He is well versed in coaching competitive swimming strokes. He made it his mission to impart all his knowledge and skills accumulate throughout the many years to all his students.

And most important help them achieve their goal of being proficient in swimming at the end of the swimming lessons. He had been a Sengkang swimming coach with experience of 9 years. He is currently certified under NROC, Sports Singapore and part of the Sengkang Swimming Instructors team for assessments for Swim Safer.

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This is a no original swimming instructor. Being young and adventurous, he enjoys writing and reading a lot. He believed strongly that in order to make good swimming lessons, one should never stop learning and reading everyday. After all, we are imparting knowledge and skills to learners.

He always make sure to keep himself updated with the latest trend in swimming and strive to find better ways to teach so that students will understand better.

Ever since his career since 4 years back, which he was introduced by his uncle during his teenage years. He have taught more than 1500 students. Assessed and passed 954 students to date as a part time swimming instructor. He do not call himself as the know it all expert, instead he would like to be named as the learn it all expert.

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In the past 5 years, he and his team of swimming instructors have take on many swimmming projects and helped to improve the swimming quality and standard of swim safer assessments syllabus.

Throughout his career as a swim team guidance specialist, he has taught more than 5000 students and have passed more than 4000 students since 3 years ago when he started off as an assessor. Many of the primary and secondary schools students are currently under his belt and management in the process of getting the 10 compulsory swim lessons for safe swimming.

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This coach have many experiences for private swim coaching in private condo and clubhouses. He possesses in depth knowledge and experience of up to 10 years in the swimming industry as an AUSTSWIM certified instructor.

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Zhong Li is the Co-founder & Managing Director of Finty, an online financial marketplace that was acquired by an Australian firm for a seven-figure sum, 15 months after the company was launched. He leads growth and development, which includes managing various aspects of the startup to ensure it achieves its business goals and targets. His extensive digital and marketing experience of over a decade has honed his ability to deliver digital solutions across dotcom, technology, and financial industries.

Prior to helming business growth efforts at Finty, Zhong Li was the Vice President of eBusiness at OCBC Bank, heading up digital sales and performance management. His role included managing revenue and usage growth across digital initiatives, channels, and platforms. He also led the implementation of Adobe web analytics project as part of the bank’s data-driven direction.

His previous roles include Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & eCommerce at Trend Micro. He oversaw APAC online consumer business and developed digital ROI framework with advanced web analytics. He was also the Digital Marketing Lead at Yahoo! where he developed digital strategies, campaigns, and programs for SEA region.

As part of his interest in the internet space, he also supports and advises startups on business models, marketing, and eCommerce. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a MBA from the University of Adelaide, also the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) from Institute of Adult Learning.

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Competitive swimming is a fast pace swimming within a time frame like other essential swimming skills is better learned through guided practices.

You will retain the information learned better through practice and guided tutorials.

We apply instructional design methodologies such as multiple intelligence framework from Prof Howard Gardner for better learning and retention of information.

The course is designed in such a way to enforce slow progressive learning. Course modules are designed to build on the fundamentals and gradually moving up to more complex activities. Students will learn through practice and feedback.


“i have benefited a lot from the competitive swimming program, i used to detest swimming due to the lack of motivation from the burnout i always faced after every competitive swim training or meets. The physical and emotional anxiety i faced used to be very tremendous.

The instructors in this competitive program are ex competitive swimmer and industry expert. They were able to teach and converse with their students professionally. Beside training you to swim faster, they taught me mental resilience and gave me motivation at the same time to strive for higher goals. Now i feel fun and i am able to enjoy the swim 100% without focusing all my effort now on just winning. USPRT have helped me a lot to achieve the potential i am at right now. Strongly recommend to learn competitive swimming with friendly dolphin swim school!

Davidson Chua


Davidson Chua


Course Fees (Per Module):
Level 1 : $600/ month (4 Lessons)

Level 2 : $650/ month (4 Lessons)




Course Duration:
45 minutes (70 hours/year)

1 – 3 sessions each week

Average duration to completion: 3 years and above

Course Schedules:
View course schedules →



There is no time frame but usually it takes at least 3 years of stroke correction and muscle memory building to swim faster

However, the recommended time frame depends on individual. Start working hard and do not skip training session to speed up the process. Hard work pays off!

It is better to train with a professional swimming competitive instructor, he/she will be able to see your stroke from the side and correct positioning better. It is extremely difficult to judge where you go wrong for competitive swim training.

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