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Competitive Swim Training

When you learn to swim at an early age, you can potentially save lives. And a venue where youngsters can develop into secure adults who can compete nationally. Advanced swimmers will be guided through competitive swimming instruction in Singapore to swim more quickly.

Join our competitive swimming sessions to challenge your boundaries and improve! It is natural that the question “how good am I comparatively?” will arise when one has mastered the learn-to-swim curriculum and perfected their stroke. You or your child should sign up for our competitive swimming program here.

In every lesson, the competitive swim program emphasizes prioritizing oneself. This is accomplished by either improving swimming endurance or speed each lap. A student could anticipate getting a full-body workout and the satisfaction of knowing that every swimming class pushes them to the edge so they can get better.

Everyone is invited to sign up for our competitive program, whether it’s swimming lessons for children or swimming lessons for adults. The swimmer’s goals, objectives, and current level will all be considered during the training process.

Competitive Swimming Training
lifesaving swimming

Competitive Swimming Keep Us In Top Shape

Swimming gives you a great full-body workout because it works practically all of your muscles. Swimming is a fantastic cardiovascular workout that helps maintain a healthy heart and lungs. Additionally, swimming helps us to exercise without putting stress on our joints due to the water’s great buoyancy.

When Is the Best Time to Swim?

Swimming is both valuable and safe to do during all three trimesters of pregnancy. The water provides additional buoyancy, allowing you to continue engaging in this sport even if your developing belly prevents you from comfortable partaking in other forms of exercise.

lifesaving swimming
lifesaving swimming

Better Self-Discipline with Competitive Swimming

Competitive swimmers must learn to balance their practices, meets, and workouts with other responsibilities like jobs or school while still receiving enough rest. Multiple obligations will make it necessary for you to prioritize your tasks and maintain organization so you can finish the things you need to accomplish and the things you want to do.

The proper person may benefit much from competitive swimming and find it to complement their life. This is only a sample of what you can expect if you’re genuinely interested in improving your swimming and prepared to put in the work!

Competitive Swimming Increase IQ

When it comes to analyzing splits and stroke counts, competitive swimmers are whiz kids. All that lap counting improves our ability to focus on other areas of life, times adding, and constant attention in the water.

(This implies that it’s okay if we occasionally lose track of time during a 200-meter race.) So, coach, I apologize once more.

Studies of young Australian, New Zealander, and American children show that swimming increases IQ. And who doesn’t want to improve their education?

lifesaving swimming

Swimming is The Best Exercise During Pregnancy

Swimming is one of the safest and most helpful forms of exercise during pregnancy. Swimming when pregnant has several health and fitness advantages, as well as stress alleviation and enjoyment. Pulling a few freestyle laps or even breaststroke is a great way to get some low-impact aerobic exercise while improving circulation and increasing oxygen levels—exactly what your body needs when pregnant.

Swimming strengthens every muscle in your body, and since you are weightless in the water, you may do it safely and pleasantly throughout your pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, nothing beats floating in cool water!

Target Audience

Competitive Swimmers


Proficient swimmers that can swim 8 x 50 m with all four basic strokes, survival backstroke, backstroke, front crawl and breaststroke.

What Friendly Dolphin Competitive Swimming Teaches You:

  • Professional swimming without dragging
  • Improve your cardiovascular health
  • Training Your Mental Strength
  • Get ready for a triathlon or biathlon.
  • Getting ready for the national school games
  • Prepare for Direct Admission to Schools
  • Learn to create your swim training schedule.
  • Prevent Accidents
  • Videos will be taken underwater to analyze strokes
  • Develop outstanding mental toughness, pace awareness, and stroke rate control.
  • Able to exercise intensely without help, including lengthy swims and strenuous swim programs.
  • Know how to build different muscles and endurance to increase your swimming abilities. Also, have a better understanding of all swimming strokes.

Water’s buoyancy cushions muscles and joints and maintains the body’s increased weight during pregnancy.

Warm water helps to relax fatigued and hurting joints. The water’s flow produces a massaging effect on the body.

Water inhibits bodily motions, requiring muscles to work harder. The intensity of the workout may be changed simply by modifying the speed, size, and direction of the motions.

Exercising with other pregnant mothers and meeting new people. You will feel more confident and coordinated. Most importantly, aquafitness does not require you to be a swimmer.

Pace yourself correctly and at the appropriate times.

Adopt various swimming tactics and skills for various scenarios.

We focus on technique more than fitness, with plenty of correction rather than going up and down the pool. An intense training that focuses on technique and will prepare you for the open water swim.

Competitive Swim Training

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Competitive Swim Training

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