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It makes sense to have some inquiries before beginning scuba diving. While initially unsettling, underwater exploration is also thrilling and unforgettable. Here, we address a few frequently asked queries about diving instruction.

1. Is swimming a prerequisite for scuba diving?

We figured we’d better start with this since it’s in the title. You’re not the only one if you’ve given this some thought. There are some minimal swimming standards for safety reasons. You must swim 200 meters, which can be done in any stroke and isn’t timed, so you can take your time. Additionally, you must float for ten minutes. You can do this by treading water or lying on your back. You’ll then practice some fundamental snorkeling techniques. Your comfort level in the water is the most crucial factor. If you’re not there yet, swimming lessons or classes may help you advance your abilities and confidence before your course. The more at ease you are, the more pleasurable your dives will be.

2. Do I need to have my equipment?

Confirm with the dive shop that they have the equipment you can rent, but most PADI Dive Shops have well-maintained equipment you can rent for a reasonable fee. Of course, as you advance, you can buy your equipment too. 

3. Where should I take diving lessons?

The answer to this common query will depend on various factors. Learning to dive locally has numerous advantages, while learning to dive abroad has additional benefits. Consider upcoming travel plans to places you’d like to go diving, the kinds of marine life you’d like to see, and environmental factors like water temperature and the time of year. The PADI Travel Scuba Guides contain comprehensive information on dive sites.

4. Where should I take my PADI diving lessons?

It’s a significant decision to decide which PADI Dive Swimming School / Centre you want to experience your first underwater breaths with. Unfortunately, we are unable to manufacture it for you. Our Dive Shop Locator is a beautiful place to start your search, and we’ve produced an article to walk you through the questions you should be asking, but in the end, you need to feel at ease with the dive center and instructor.

5. What is the cost of my course?

Since each PADI Dive Shop is separately owned, costs may vary based on criteria including location, student enrollment, and others. To find a PADI Dive Shop and ask about price and availability, ranging from S$300 to S$600 per course. 

6. Can I dive if I have a health issue?

Medical issues don’t always preclude diving, but only a doctor can determine each person’s unique risk. When choosing a patient’s dive readiness, doctors can contact the Divers Alert Network (DAN) when needed.

Is learning to dive difficult?

You’re in luck since we have a whole article that addresses this subject, and we will share the link here for more information in the next post. 

8. Can I still learn to dive if I don’t have a dive buddy?

Scuba dive and swim

Absolutely! Your diving center can connect you with a course partner if you don’t already have one. Who knows, you might make a friend for life.

9. How much time will the course require?

PADI courses are progressed depending on skill mastery rather than predetermined time frames. While some people will advance more quickly, others might require more practice with a particular ability. This implies that you’ll be fully prepared with the diving skills you need once you get your certification.

The course length will also depend on how you choose to finish your theory assignment. You can progress at your own pace through PADI eLearning, or your theory time will probably be more disciplined if you pick classroom courses.

Ready to begin your education? 

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