The Pendulum Effect

freestyle swimming drill


Knowing the connection between recuperating and stroking arms

Acceleration during the switch

Keeping equilibrium


Step 1: Float in the water on your side with one arm near the surface and the other extended in front. Kick productively. Move your side hand up to your waist, lifting your elbow to a point, like in the Shark Fin drill. Maintain core stability as you roll towards your back, breathe, and then back to your initial side posture.

Step 2: Maintain this stance for five seconds while kicking. Note that neither arm provides any forward motion in this posture, on your side, with one arm extended and the other at its greatest point in recovery.

Step 3: Finish your recovery with your arm over the water by striking through with your extended arm. Locate the exact floating point on the opposite side. Your lower arm should be extended, while your upper arm should form a shark fin. Hold for another five seconds while kicking.

Step 4: Repeat the process on the other side. Proceed to the pool’s far end, holding the same position with your arms on either side for five seconds before switching. Observe how your hips flip sides as you adjust arm positions. It’s also worth noting that each transfer accelerates from start to finish.

Step 5: Repeat the length, but hold for only three seconds before switching sides. Experience the start and end of each switch. The motion begins slowly and quickly accelerates from side to side, similar to the extremes of a pendulum’s swing.

Step 6: Repeat the duration, but only hold for one second before switching sides. With each switch, feel the pendulum swing and gain speed. You’ll see that even though one arm is reaching and the other pulls you out of the water, you’re still moving ahead.

Step 7: Keep practicing, noticing the pendulum effect with each stroke. Concentrate on leveraging your hips to provide power to your arm position changes. Feel your stroke cover more ground with less effort.


Problem: The issue is that I can’t keep my elbow in a shark fin.

Modification: Make sure your opposing shoulder is at its lowest position in the water, allowing you to aim your recovering elbow toward the sky. Relax your hand and suspend it from your upper elbow.

Problem: The issue is that my hips do not add power.

Modification: Your hips are most likely floating flat. Begin in a side floating position, with your shoulder and hip on the recovered side elevated. Make sure to reach the side floating position with your shoulders and hips each time you switch.

Problem: When I turn sides, my kick comes to a halt.

Modification: Keeping a continuous kick is key in this practice and the entire stroke. Blank spaces might disrupt the pendulum effect. Instead, use your kick to activate the switch.

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