How To Become A Certified Swimming Instructor in Singapore

In Singapore, a few groups provide certification programs for swimming teachers. They are AUSTSWIM, the Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA), and Sport Singapore (formerly known as the Singapore Sports Council).

Please check the table below for more information and a comparison of this certification’s differences.


Sports Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association AUSTSWIM

Teaching Venue

Public Pools  Yes No No
Condo & Private Pools  Yes Yes Yes 


  NROC (Sport Singapore) SSTA AUSTSWIM
Minimum Age 18 years old as on 1st Jan of the year 17 years old 16 years old (Accreditation at 17)
Freestyle Yes Yes Yes
Breaststroke Yes Yes Yes
Backstroke Yes Yes Yes
Butterfly Yes – 
Lifesaving 1,2,3 Yes
(3 Years from Exam)
Yes Optional
Bronze Medallion Optional Optional Optional 
First Aid or CPR Yes Yes Yes 
Basic Sports Science (BSS) Yes  –  –
SG-Coach Theory Lv1 Yes  –  –
SG-Coach Technical Lv1 Yes  –  –
Course Fee (i) SG-Coach Level 1 Integrated Programme for Swimming or
(ii) SG-Coach Level 1 Theory & Technical
Estimated fee: $856
Register at TeachSSA website
Min age: 18 years old
STA Member S$550
Non-Member S$580
Approximately S$570

After completing the course, you must meet a predetermined number of attachment hours with an affiliated swim school or swimming instructor.

Where Should You Begin?

swimming instructor progression

  • Come to our adult & lady swimming lessons if you are still learning to swim well to improve your ability.
  • Come to our lifesaving course if you lack the necessary training and credentials. The session will introduce CPR and first aid training.
  • Ensure you have finished your Basic Sports Science, SG-Coach Theory Level 1, and SG-Coach Technical Level 1 if you are getting ready to teach at a public pool.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us for an attachment after completing your swimming teacher training.
  • Join our team as a trained swimming instructor once your attachment is over and you have the appropriate teaching certification!

NROC, or the National Registry of Coaches

To improve the caliber and professionalism of sports coaching in Singapore, the NROC was established in 2003. This helps ensure that all coaches have a minimum level of technical proficiency and that all active coaches keep improving.

I Am An NROC Coach!

You might be unsure where to begin if you recently passed and registered with NROC. The first step in launching any business is to find a customer. You might think about becoming an instructor for our team of coaches, and we’ll help you learn all the necessary teaching methods.

Join us as a network of linked swim schools after gaining all that knowledge! Currently, we are linked with more than 100 swimming schools. We aid in the promotion of swim schools and the enrolment and certification of all swimming coaches. 

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Jestina Wee
Jestina Wee
4 years ago

Hi… i used to be a swimming instructor abt 20yrs ago. I have certification fr S’pore Sport Council for Swimming Instructor cert, Lifesaving Instructor n CPR Instructor. But all of them expired i think. Where should i start now?

Swimclasses Admin
Swimclasses Admin
4 years ago
Reply to  Jestina Wee

hi sure, sorry for the late reply. I think you can start off by doing an online refresher course with and then also enroll for basic sports science from republic polytechnic while waiting for teachssa course to commence. This is the NROC route to taking the swim license from Sport Singapore. Having this license entitled you to conduct lessons at all public pools, private pools, etc in Singapore.

3 years ago

Do you guys hire swimming instructors for weekends only?

Swimclasses Admin
Swimclasses Admin
2 years ago
Reply to  des

Hi yes, we hire swimming instructors for weekends only.

3 years ago

Hi. May i check…. upon completion from either of these three schools… i will be allowed to teach young kids such as 2 years old too right?

Swimclasses Admin
Swimclasses Admin
2 years ago
Reply to  Jolene

yep, upon completion of the course and officially graduate to become swimming instructor, you will be able to teach young kids.

1 year ago

I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly.This blog article is really good. Thank you very much

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