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Lifesaving Curriculums

Singapore’s lifesaving swimming classes comprise of six modules, such as lifesaving 123 and BM, that the Singapore Life Saving Society approves.

Missions to teach and promote to individuals and organizations the significance of water safety, awareness, and rescue and resuscitation techniques.

lifesaving swimming
lifesaving swimming


Upon successful completion of the five core life-saving modules, Lifesaving 1,2,3, Bronze Medallion, and CPR training – all participants will get five certificates and be recognized as Certified Lifeguards qualified to accept part-time and full-time life guarding positions.

Bronze Medallion Award

To develop fundamental knowledge, comprehension, and practical skill for water rescue scenarios.

Following the Lifesaving 123 Award, the Bronze Medallion is the next step in becoming a qualified lifeguard. With a time constraint, this training stresses swimming fitness and rescue methods. Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation training is offered as a necessary ability for resuscitating unconscious casualties who are not breathing.

Lifesaving 123 Award

The Lifesaving 123 Award course is divided into three sections that teach swimmers water safety foundations, theory and practical components of land-based and water-based non-contact rescue, and resuscitation abilities. Trainees should be strong swimmers because the course will focus on lifesaving methods rather than swimming strokes.

The Singapore Life Saving Society will grant trainees who pass the three essential lifesaving tests Lifesaving 123 badges and certificates after completing all training phases.

Why Lifesaving?

Lifesaving is a talent that may be used to save someone’s life on land or in water.

Advantages of learning lifesaving skills:

  • It’s a skill you may utilize to save your loved ones.
  • It can bridge the gap between the discovery of an occurrence and the arrival of emergency responders. Early involvement during a rescue can be the difference between life and death.
  • It is also professional expertise that will allow you to supplement your income (Professional Lifeguard or Part-time Lifeguard)

Lifesaving Program Singapore - Saving People's Lives

Programs Saving People’s lives.

In compliance with the SLSS Awards Syllabus, Friendly Dolphin Swim School offers thorough and systematic lifesaving education.

To acquire the skills and information necessary to avoid, identify, and respond to aquatic emergencies, trainees undertake basic to advanced lifeguarding training courses.

The spectrum of lifesaving courses offered by the SLSS Award Syllabus begins with Learn to Swim Aquapak Awards and Basic Lifesaving 1 Award and ends with the Lifesaving Teacher Award.

To become a certified lifeguard, a person must enroll in Lifesaving 123 training, followed by Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Bronze Medallion courses.

The learner will be allowed to work as a Professional Lifeguard in swimming pools after completing the Bronze Medallion and CPR Courses.

Bronze Cross and Silver Cross Courses are for people who seek to patrol open waters as Professional Lifeguards.

A lifeguard may pursue the Pool Lifeguard Award, Award of Merit, Distinction Award, Lifesaving Instructor, and even Lifesaving Teacher to get higher-level credentials.

Target Audience

  • This lifesaving program is appropriate for ardent swimmers seeking a respectable part-time career throughout their education.
  • People who like swimming and are interested in expanding their lifesaving knowledge and abilities
  • Using the acquired knowledge, become more water-safe.
  • People who love the sun and wish to get a deeper tan.
  • Life matters; become a trained lifeguard to protect and save lives.


Lifesaving Prerequisites

Lifesaving is a noble term for saving lives on land and in water through rescue, first aid, and CPR.

Ever wonder how to become a lifeguard and what classes are required to become a certified lifesaver? Here are a few prerequisites to assist you:

  • Students must be at least 16 years old to participate in lifeguard training.
  • Students must be able to swim six 50-meter lengths with excellent breaststroke and freestyle competence. They should display excellent breath control and rhythmic breathing.
  • All pupils must be able to tread water for at least two minutes.
  • Comfortable swimming without the need for goggles.
  • Life-Saving 1,2,3 Bronze Medallion
  • CPR Resuscitation Skill

Course Highlights

In this three-four sessions curriculum, you will master the theoretical applications of water safety, survival in water, rescue concepts, and aftercare for emergencies.

  • How to do CPR and its use in various situations.
  • How to do a land-based rescue for a victim in deep water between 2 and 10 meters distant.
  • How to do a water-based rescue 15 to 20 meters from safety for a conscious victim in deep water.
  • To develop rescue resiliency and fitness to save a conscious victim 15 to 20 meters from safely submerged in deep water.
  • How to rescue an unconscious, non-breathing victim 15 meters from safety who is underwater.
  • Exam designed to assess initiative and application of acquired information in real-world settings.
  • Swimming for physical health, resiliency, and technique evaluation

Course Objectives

Following is a brief summary of each course’s objectives:

To teach swimmers and non-swimmers water safety, survival, swimming, and lifesaving abilities.

To provide basic land-based dry rescue techniques and water safety information.

To convey fundamental water safety and land-based non-contact rescue skills and information.

To learn more foundational skills and knowledge in water safety, resuscitation, and non-contact land-based rescues.

To enhance water safety, resuscitation, and rescue abilities in preparation for the Bronze Medallion.

To give hands-on training in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) procedures and associated emergency treatment.

The Bronze Medallion Award (BM) course aims to provide a fundamental level of knowledge, awareness, and practical skill for water rescue scenarios.

Lifesaving Course Singapore


Lifesaving Swimming Course

Complete all requisites to be future lifesavers!

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