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Friendly Dolphin is the best private swimming lesson provider in Singapore’s Open Water. Our open water swimming classes, pioneered by our Co-Founder Coach Ryan & Coach Jerry, have become a go-to-lesson for people looking for an out-of-this-world swimming experience.

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Why Learn to Swim in Open Water?

Aside from the tranquillity and freedom that swimming in the enormous open sea provides, open-water swimming courses may also offer the following benefits.

  • In an infinite depth, put your swimming and survival abilities to the test.
  • Increased endurance swimming with no breaks
  • Navigate against natural barriers in open water.
  • Variation in lap swimming routine
  • Test yourself against currents and tides to improve your overall swimming speed.
  • Triathlon/biathlon training

How Swimming in Open Water Is Special?

The obstacles of swimming in open water are unlike those encountered in a pool.

  • Rough tides, waves, and waters
  • Lacking directing lanes
  • Need more energy to swim against the stream and in the cold
  • Overcoming a fear of the unknown

What Open Water Swimming Lessons Teach You?

  • How to go through and swim in open water
  • Safety in open water (Tide Changes & Direction, Undercurrent, Potential Hazard)
  • The more efficient swimming stroke refinement for open water
  • How to deal with tides
  • How to deal with waves
  • How to build strength and endurance for open-water swimming
  • How to feel at ease swimming in the open ocean
  • How to make a turn at a buoy
  • When should I accelerate?

The professionals at Friendly Dolphin will get you there faster if you’re searching for an extensive course to learn open water techniques in Singapore.


Background Triathlon Swim Workshop Open Water Swimming Course ( Private Swimming Lesson Singapore )

Coach Lin grew up in Singapore and Malaysia and was routinely acclimatized to the culture of open-water swimming. He had learned all the abilities and tactics required to swim in the open sea throughout his stay there.

Aside from the lessons, Coach Lin had the unique experience of swimming in open water. In contrast to the pool, one could swim against an all-natural beauty of a backdrop. Being able to maneuver in a borderless, vast expanse of water gives the swimmer a sense of freedom and contentment.

Coach Lin discovered a shortage of professional instruction for the genre of Open Water Swimming after migrating to Singapore. So, due to his experience coaching the Nanyang Technological University Biathlon Team, he set out to create a unique coaching approach for open water swimmers. Beginning with only weekend open water clinics, Friendly Dolphin has gradually carved out a professionally-run Open Water Swimming program with private swimming classes operating daily by the waters of Sentosa and the East Coast.

What Benefits Does Swimming In Open Water Offer?


  • Improve your sleep
  • Gain more trust in the water
  • Prepare yourself well in case of emergencies in an outdoor pool.
  • Immune system boosting
  • Boost self-assurance and improve water smart
  • Get a sense of the tides, big waves, and stormy seas in real-time.
  • Assist you in overcoming a phobia of water
  • Get comfortable with both warm and cold seawater
  • Your connection to nature will be vital.

In comparison to swimming in condos, hotels, or public swimming complex pools, open-water swimming will provide you with various experiences.

Target Audience

  • This lifesaving program is appropriate for ardent swimmers seeking a respectable part-time career throughout their education.
  • People who like swimming and are interested in expanding their lifesaving knowledge and abilities
  • Using the acquired knowledge, become more water-safe.
  • People who love the sun and wish to get a deeper tan.
  • Life matters; become a trained lifeguard to protect and save lives.


Lifesaving Prerequisites

Lifesaving is a noble term for saving lives on land and in water through rescue, first aid, and CPR.

Ever wonder how to become a lifeguard and what classes are required to become a certified lifesaver? Here are a few prerequisites to assist you:

  • Students must be at least 16 years old to participate in lifeguard training.
  • Students must be able to swim six 50-meter lengths with excellent breaststroke and freestyle competence. They should display excellent breath control and rhythmic breathing.
  • All pupils must be able to tread water for at least two minutes.
  • Comfortable swimming without the need for goggles.
  • Life-Saving 1,2,3 Bronze Medallion
  • CPR Resuscitation Skill

Course Highlights

In this three-four sessions curriculum, you will master the theoretical applications of water safety, survival in water, rescue concepts, and aftercare for emergencies.

  • How to do CPR and its use in various situations.
  • How to do a land-based rescue for a victim in deep water between 2 and 10 meters distant.
  • How to do a water-based rescue 15 to 20 meters from safety for a conscious victim in deep water.
  • To develop rescue resiliency and fitness to save a conscious victim 15 to 20 meters from safely submerged in deep water.
  • How to rescue an unconscious, non-breathing victim 15 meters from safety who is underwater.
  • Exam designed to assess initiative and application of acquired information in real-world settings.
  • Swimming for physical health, resiliency, and technique evaluation

Course Objectives

Following is a brief summary of each course’s objectives:

To teach swimmers and non-swimmers water safety, survival, swimming, and lifesaving abilities.

To provide basic land-based dry rescue techniques and water safety information.

To convey fundamental water safety and land-based non-contact rescue skills and information.

To learn more foundational skills and knowledge in water safety, resuscitation, and non-contact land-based rescues.

To enhance water safety, resuscitation, and rescue abilities in preparation for the Bronze Medallion.

To give hands-on training in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) procedures and associated emergency treatment.

The Bronze Medallion Award (BM) course aims to provide a fundamental level of knowledge, awareness, and practical skill for water rescue scenarios.

Open Water Swimming Lessons

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Open Water Swimming Lessons

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