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Our swim school encourage children to start learning to swim as young as possible. And begin the aquatic development as early as 6 months old. Our swimming instructors in Singapore teaches swimming by focusing on basic fundamentals. We always start off laying good foundations. Impart technically sound swimming of all four swimming strokes to accelerate better learning experiences. With people older than 100 still competing in an organized competitions, we strongly believe that age can never be used as an excuse to keep you from learning how to swim. Everyone has a first lesson – even swimming greats like Joseph Schooling and Michael Phelps. Yours could be just days away, it’s never too late to start and it has also been never easier to do it now.

The Founder of Friendly Dolphin Swim School continues to take an active day to day role in the operation of the company. Always ensuring level of quality and customer satisfactions remains high.

Friendly Dolphin employs a staff of friendly, matured and experienced swim instructors. They have all been thoroughly screened by Friendly Dolphin Management Team. We make sure all our swim instructors have minimum two years instructing experience, are university aged or older and are certified and insured.

Friendly Dolphin Swim School

Our swim school was started when Founder was frustrated by the lack of attention he was able to give in large, community centre swimming classes he previously taught. He thought that there could be a more effective way to conduct swimming lessons in a more comfortable, learning environment which is also convenient for learners. And so Friendly Dolphin Swim School was formed as a swim for life aquatics program to include at home swimming lessons, public pool swimming lessons and lifeguarding services for children and adults in Singapore.

Since 2015, Friendly Dolphin Swim School has grown and become one of the biggest swim school to provide private swim instructions across Singapore. We are specialized in conducting swimming lessons for all ages regardless of any fitness levels. Knowing how to swim is the only life skill that can saves lives. we strongly encourage everyone to pick up this valuable skills and learn to swim.

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Why Friendly Dolphin Swim School

Friendly Dolphin Swim School strives to offer our clients unprecedented service. We continue to push ourselves to be at the forefront of the aquatics industry. We strive to bring convenience, flexibility, safety, trust, and results.

Flexibility, Convenience

Friendly Dolphin Swim School offers clients convenience. We provide swimming instructors who will teach private swim lessons at our customers area and condo swimming pools.

Our customers will no longer need to worry about rounding up the kids to take them to a community pool or getting stuck in traffic. By having a Friendly Dolphin swimming coaches coming to you, we aim to save you time and stress.  We have swim instructors on call during the day, evenings and weekends. Our private swim lessons can easily be rescheduled, as long as 7 days notice is given.

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Trust, Safety

Our swim school swimming instructors have a minimum of two years experience and have gone through a stringent training program to earn their Lifesaving Instructor certifications, Bronze Medallion Award Lifeguard Services, CPR/AED and Standard First Aid certifications. Additionally, some of our swim instructors hold advanced instructing qualifications and have formal training as school teachers, or education professionals. Friendly Dolphin swim instructors has been carefully screened by the Friendly Dolphin Management team. And had undergone background checks and is fully insured.

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Swimming is an essential life skill, the only life skill that can saves your life and others


Our Swim School offers swim experts who teach private swim lessons often on a individual and groups settings. Customers usually see results much quicker than with other swim schools. The results include shorter time to progress through the swim levels, increased confidence in and around the water. As well as safety awareness and improved stroke forms, strength, coordination, agility and speed. We believe however swimming requires lots of repetitions. Our students are encouraged to follow up with practice after every swimming lessons.

about our swim school
about our swim school
about our swim school
about our swim school
about our swim school
about our swim school
Learning to swim early will keep your child safe and help to shape their character. Our goals are to instill confidence, determination, persistence, withstand inevitable hardships, learn valuable social skills, time management skills, self-reliance and will also help to develop good motor skills and balance. We are confident that swimming as a year round activity will be very effective to keep your child healthy and happy.
Friendly Dolphin Swim School life mission is to promote better health and bring more happiness and joys to the community by instilling strong knowledge, instilling confidence and building positive learning attitudes for life through the sport of swimming.
At Friendly Dolphin Swim School, we try to promote swimming and educate on the psychological health and physical health which will benefits from learning to swim at a young age. We follow a stringent guideline with health promotion board and hope to improve Singaporean overall health. We strive to learn and improve, always be open to questions and willingness to change and better serve the community in Singapore.

How can we help?

We want to help our members go further, so if you have any suggestions about our classes, personal swimming lessons or anything else, please come in, drop us an email at info@swimclasses.com.sg or if you prefer, drop us a note via our online enquiry forms.

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We are an ambitious company and we’re always looking for great people to join our team – from swim yoga trainers, group exercise instructors and diving instructors to our front-of-house teams. We’re committed to training, so you’ll be encouraged to improve your existing skills while you develop new ones.

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We train and are proudly affiliated with leading industry players for swimming. We are confident to bring you the best knowledge and skills to keep you fit, safe in any water environment or for better advancement into other water sports in future.