Part-Time Job In Singapore For Students

“What to do next again since the holiday is around the corner?”

This article helps you understand the best part-time job in Singapore for students.

Do you know swimming and teaching? I thought it is time to consider teaching swimming too? The guy on the video is teaching part-time swimming taking out free time from his full-time businesses. What about providing photography or become a waiter or waitress in retail and foodservice?

If you are not certified to be one swimming coach etc yet, I think this holiday “time” can be well-spent learning and getting yourself certified. I will also teach you how to get certified to become a lifeguard, photographer, and swimming coach if you are ready to take the first step in learning to be one?

This year-round when I was doing my interviews and talks with more students and speaking at schools. I have happened to meet thousands of students and parents alike. And to my amuse, this generation teens have a pretty different view of what a school holiday should be spent.

Most of the parents I met and talked to have told me that they wanted their kids to be more productive during the holiday.

However, most kids today only think about having fun, drink sessions, a good time to unwind and relax.

Best Part-Time Jobs For This Holidays

I have got good news for parents here if you are worried about your child slacking away this holiday with games. Blowing their whole vacations lounging at the pool or spend the whole day watching dramas from Netflix etc.

They can actually get a part-time job or invest in certain skills that will eventually land them a part-time job for the next holiday.

And pessimistic parents might think that they are never going to do that.

Here is a better news as I have put together the most comprehensive list of part-time jobs in Singapore for students. As well as the paycheck each job will give them while having some fun along the way.

And in case you are still having a hard time wrenching your brain thinking if this is the right post your child has to read. I am going to break down now and read further. This really is the only go to blog post your teen needs to find the best part-time job for students in Singapore this holiday break!

7 Good Part Time Jobs In Singapore

handmade goods

Handmade Goods

Do you have creative talents and often love art n’ craft lessons? It is time to put them into good use this holiday. There are many websites allowing people to sell their crafts and make bucks through their creativity nowadays. Set up an online website and then get your creative juices to work. Design gifts and merchandise! Hot stuffs like jewelry and clothing sell really well. Do make the goods in advance to avoid delaying your payments.

car wash

Car Wash

I used to do few days part time doing car washing at shell during my holiday break. And i kind of made many new friends there and i enjoyed the job.

Living in Singapore, a hot and humid weather environment. You wouldn’t or never will ever feel bored at work as you will be too busy. I took it as perks as more cars also means more commissions.

Downside of doing car wash is getting real wet, soaking and spoiling your clothes and working for quite a low minimum wage.

But don’t be misdirected because of the upfront salary. Most of the time if you do the job really well, you are going to make tips. With the skills learned, you can also use it keep your own car clean and clear free of charge.



Are you into water sports? Instead of slacking your time away playing without getting any returns. Time is money like what Benjamin Franklin always remind us.

Why not instead spend time stacking cash at the pool side, become a lifeguard is the best part time job in Singapore. You get to save a life, get a tan and make some money all at the same time.

To become certified you have got to go through CPR, AED and first aid training. And in order to do all this, you have to first be a good swimmer!

And beside being a lifeguard earn you good income as well. Though the pay varies due to experience and locations.

The general range for lifeguard in Singapore salaries will range from $2600 – $3500 for full time staffs and part time at $7-$30.

part time home tutor

Part Time Tutor

School holiday does not mean you have to shut your mind off it for 2 months. In fact, the demands of homework and help to pick up on academic carries on during the holiday.

Whether it is helping your juniors or seniors to prep for the PSLE, O Level or A Level, there is a great money to be made.

If you deem yourself as one of the academic superstar, why not use this time to make money.

A tutor is one of the best part time job for student in Singapore for great bucks. They usually earn around $45-60 an hour.

event helper

Event Helper

This is another job for you to take cooling off away from the academic settings. Try working as an event helper, your main duty will be attending all sorts of events under the clients. Work are usually on the weekends and involves opening and closing of event space, ensuring the place is clean and all equipment will be in working conditions. Sometimes you will also get to learn how to set up and decorate booths by assisting the customers with decorations and normal set ups.

You will learn to become independent and provide good customers satisfactions. All this can be achieved by learning how to better interact with guests in a friendly and attentive manners. Attend to every inquiries through phones and emails.

This work tend to be more flexible and give you ability to work on your own. For guys, sometimes this kind of events actually give you some muscle training as well. Will you be tough enough to move, lift, push, pull and place objects weighing less than 10 kilograms or equal to 10 kilograms without any assistance.  Stand, sit and walk around for extended period of time around 7 hours usually per day.

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