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Prenatal Swimming Lessons

If you are expecting a child and are unable to swim, we strongly advise you to attend our prenatal swimming class. Swimming is a great exercise for pregnant women to help them relax. It helps you sleep better at night and builds your strength for labor. In fact, the weightlessness and enhanced buoyancy will make learning to swim much easier.

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise during pregnancy. It helps to move oxygen and nutrients throughout your body while also reducing tension and relieving pressure on your lower back. It is quite beneficial in lowering water retention and edema. Swimming may be both therapeutic and soothing. Try it!

We are Singapore’s top swim school that offers swimming lessons to pregnant ladies. Our indoor heated pool facilities offer a safe and comfortable environment in which to learn to swim. Class sizes are in small groups to improve the learning experience. Each session lasts around 45 minutes and includes 15 exercises.

lifesaving swimming
lifesaving swimming

The Advantages of Prenatal Swimming 


  1. It is much simpler to learn to swim when you have greater buoyancy.
  2. Stress, water retention, and edema should all be reduced.
  3. Adjust to your changing body form.
  4. Rebuild endurance and endorphin response after pregnancy to support a smooth labor

When Is the Best Time to Swim?


Swimming is both valuable and safe to do during all three trimesters of pregnancy. The water provides additional buoyancy, allowing you to continue engaging in this sport even if your developing belly prevents you from comfortable partaking in other forms of exercise.

lifesaving swimming
lifesaving swimming

Swimming during pregnancy can help with the following: 


  1. Nausea can be exacerbated by other types of exercise.
  2. It keeps you cool while exercising and keeps you from overheating.
  3. The buoyancy relieves strain on your baby’s bulge and lower back, which is highly needed.
  4. Enhances blood circulation.
  5. Reduces edema and pain in the lower limbs.
  6. Core abdominal muscles are strengthened.
  7. Diastasis recti are avoided.
  8. Reduces back discomfort.
  9. It has the potential to enhance cardiovascular health and flexibility.
  10. It can make pregnancy, labor, and delivery simpler and more comfortable.

Is Swimming Safe to Do While Pregnant?

We have great news: no specific risks are associated with swimming while pregnant. “[Swimming] is a low-impact activity with no chance of a fall or a high-impact injury,” Lucky Sekhon, MD, a reproductive endocrinologist, infertility expert, and board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, adds.

Dr. Sekhon recommends using additional caution when stepping on a slick, wet pool deck or getting out of the pool. When pregnant, it is a good idea to utilize the pool steps.

lifesaving swimming

Swimming is The Best Exercise During Pregnancy

Swimming is one of the safest and most helpful forms of exercise during pregnancy. Swimming when pregnant has several health and fitness advantages, as well as stress alleviation and enjoyment. Pulling a few freestyle laps or even breaststroke is a great way to get some low-impact aerobic exercise while improving circulation and increasing oxygen levels—exactly what your body needs when pregnant.

Swimming strengthens every muscle in your body, and since you are weightless in the water, you may do it safely and pleasantly throughout your pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, nothing beats floating in cool water!

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More Perks of Prenatal Swimming

  • Exercise is generally recommended throughout pregnancy since it maintains the body healthy and prepares it for the rigors of delivery. Aside from the usual advantages of physical activity, there are some additional reasons to consider swimming during your pregnancy:
  • Swimming is a low-impact activity that will benefit your bones and joints. Being near water can also assist in relieving some of the strain on your body caused by the additional weight you’re carrying during pregnancy.
  • Better rest! A better night’s sleep may result from swimming, as with many other types of cardiovascular exercise. Because sleep can be difficult at times during pregnancy, this is an advantage that should not be underestimated.
  • Water may be an excellent pain reliever, especially during pregnancy when you may suffer edema or discomfort due to weight gain. Even during labor, using a shower, bath, or pool of water can relieve the discomfort you may be feeling.
  • Swimming may benefit your unborn child’s brain system. Swimming by a pregnant mother rat changed the brain development of her offspring in a good way in one experimentTrusted Source. Swimming may protect newborns against hypoxia-ischemia, a neurological condition, according to this study, but the jury is still out until additional information and research are available.
  • Swimming is generally safe during all three trimesters. So there’s no need to be concerned about quitting after you’ve reached a specific time in your pregnancy.

More About Friendly Dolphin AquaFitness Class

Aquafitness is a water-based fitness program explicitly intended for pregnant women. It enables pregnant women to acquire and maintain a sufficient level of physical fitness throughout their pregnancy.

Water’s buoyancy cushions muscles and joints and maintains the body’s increased weight during pregnancy.

Warm water helps to relax fatigued and hurting joints. The water’s flow produces a massaging effect on the body.

Water inhibits bodily motions, requiring muscles to work harder. The intensity of the workout may be changed simply by modifying the speed, size, and direction of the motions.

Exercising with other pregnant mothers and meeting new people. You will feel more confident and coordinated. Most importantly, aquafitness does not require you to be a swimmer.

Pace yourself correctly and at the appropriate times.

Adopt various swimming tactics and skills for various scenarios.

We focus on technique more than fitness, with plenty of correction rather than going up and down the pool. An intense training that focuses on technique and will prepare you for the open water swim.

Prenatal Swimming Lessons

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Prenatal Swimming Lessons

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