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Why Is Having Multiple Teachers Advantageous To Your Student?

Registration for next year’s programs is already open, and many of you are concerned about instructors’ choices. What should you do if your child’s favorite teacher isn’t teaching the subjects he needs to take the next year? Where do you go if all of the seats in your favorite instructor’s section are taken? What if you want one teacher to teach your child’s lessons, but that isn’t possible?

Don’t be afraid! We can advise you exactly what to do: enroll your student in lessons with several teachers!

We understand how difficult it is to let go!

It may be difficult for a seasoned swimming teacher to relinquish control of your child’s education to an outsider. However, younger pupils benefit from having one instructor (you) who covers all topics. 

However, as kids age, they can be exposed to various teaching approaches and structures through several high-quality educators. Even yet, transitioning from one instructor to numerous instructors instructing your student can be just as tricky. 

Therefore, we urge you to take a risk and let go—there is so much good that can come from having diverse individuals educate your child.

Outsourcing is Beneficial.

One excellent justification for general outsourcing instruction is that your student will learn to satisfy high demands and strict deadlines. For example, have you ever been in the following situation? 

Your swimming instructor intends to give his students some swimming activities, but he refuses to take them. 

Different instructors have different coaching standards. Even though they follow the same curriculums, they must adhere to the deadlines set by different teachers. He must complete his swimming activities on time and take his swim safer test when scheduled. To satisfy the instructor’s expectations, he must ensure that his work is precise and represents his learning. Because he needs to answer someone else, your child becomes a better learner.

What happens if you need to hire a new instructor?

Assume you are already outsourcing and have found a great teacher. This teacher has taught swimming freestyle to your student for levels one, two, and three, and you must now select a new instructor for level four. This may not be very comforting! We understand that your child will not like every instructor, and you may be hesitant to try someone new on a topic where your youngster is already a reluctant learner. However, there are several benefits to having diverse people teach your student.

We’ve seen several cases at the Academy when a parent refuses to enroll their child in a class because the teacher isn’t the same one they’ve had before. 

But once class starts, something miraculous happens—everything is OK. The student misses certain aspects of the former instructor yet enjoys some aspects of the new teacher. The education process continues. And the most beautiful thing that happens is that the student acquires so much confidence in the material because she understands that she can learn it no matter who is teaching it. The emphasis shifts away from personality, comfort, or familiarity and onto the work at hand, and our little swimmers-in-the-making thrives.

When various individuals educate your pupil, exciting things happen.

It’s also fascinating for students when teachers teach similar themes in different sessions. 

Because of the many approaches to the issue, the student’s learning takes on new dimensions, generating a memorable experience.

How Do You Make Your Decision?

So, how do you replace someone when you have to? First, email your present teacher and ask who they believe might be a good fit for your youngster. Read the profiles of possible new teachers and view their teaching demos. If you have special questions for the new instructor, send an email to the administration and ask if they can receive some answers from the teacher before enrolling your student in the class.

If you don’t have a teacher to ask for a recommendation, email the administration. Inform them of your student’s specific learning requirements and inquire about which instructor might be suitable.

They should be transparent and honest about who would be a good fit for your specific scenario. If your youngster needs to try something new, a good school administration will allow you to transfer teachers without punishment. 

It’s a fantastic idea to try out fresh teachers!

It is risky to put your child’s learning experience in someone else’s hands. We are aware of this! Therefore, we strongly advise you to seek out more than one instructor whom you (and your child) adore. 

Having various swimming teachers allows students to obtain new insights into a topic and experience other points of view. 

We are firm believers that having teachers outside the house may contribute to a well-rounded education and assist in best preparing our children for their future careers and university studies. 

Exposing your students to various teaching styles, methodologies, and personalities may improve their engagement with and recall of subject content.

We realize that no single instructor can be great at teaching everything to everyone. 

That is why we are here: to ensure your student receives a high-quality, diverse, and comprehensive education that will prepare him effectively for the following steps. 

So, move beyond your comfort zone and take a chance with Sport SG instructors you’ve never had before. You could find the following teacher you don’t want to replace next year!

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