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adult swimming lessons
  • Every successful man and woman alike always make time for studying, investing in adult swimming lessons benefits you more than health.
  • Always curious and having something new and useful to learn and improve on.
  • Seeking to better oneself to further one’s knowledge and skills is critical to survival.
  • Physical and academic education are like food, water, air and exercise, you need them like constant supply.
  • Never let a lack of swimming knowledge and skills to hold you back from doing what you have always dreamed of during vacation trip at the beach, swimming sessions with business partners, a second career, family bonding sessions in the swimming pool and other water sports.
  • Our culture places extremely high value on productivity, working hard and keeping busy with consistent hurry and stress has become a life norm for many adults.
  • Our psychological, physical health and relationships with our friends, spouse and even children often take the backseat to our career and job. Ever wonder what is the purpose of working so hard, climbing the corporate ladder, making money and spending too much time at work if you can’t enjoy it without a good health.

Investment in knowledge still always pays the best interest

Why learn from friendly dolphin swim school

  • Total Immersion Trained – Our swimming instructors are certified and qualified teaching professionals in TI better known as Total Immersion. You may have already discovered how difficult it is to find qualified instructors who can help you with TI practice.
  • Qualified NROC, SSTA and AUSTSWIM certified swim team instructors and school.
  • Essential life skill, but this skill has not been taught correctly. Traditional instructions from common swim schools will provide you with instructions that teaches you not to drown in order to survive rather than emulating what is working so well for the fish. We are the only swim school that will teach you how to change with modern based learning. We will apply the total immersion methodology in conducting our swimming lessons.
  • Group classes and private lessons for all ages. Do not be worried to approach us even if you are above 60 starting out as a total beginner.
  • Boost your water confidence. Instead of trial and error, it’s trial and success with our swim team. Our drills stack and swimming program will boost your confidence completely in your favor. We will build mini drills with you, practice easy smooth movements, build on your new habit and crowd out the sloppy old ones gradually.

Never too old to learn swimming and enjoy the benefits swimming give you

Swimming provide many health benefits for people of all ages and fitness levels. Studies have found that the more people swim, having a right diet and cutting down on tobacco, the longer people will live. Scientifically proven according to studies of more than 355,000 people from Chicago.

Swimming help adults to increase the flexibility, exercising in the water help to promote joint mobility better than any sports. Even though swimming does not minus years from your heart. Most of the inactive adults heart functions improved tremendously after 3 months of starting their swim training. Hearts start to beat slowly and powerfully, circulating blood more effectively.

Regular swimmers have also been shown to have lower blood pressures, slower pulse rates and much greater tolerance compared to their peers of same age. Aerobic benefits from swimming one mile is equivalent to running four miles.

In average, swimming regularly for 3 times a week on a 30 minutes session will help to add as many as 10 more years to a person’s life. The studies also prove that man and woman mostly in the middle age who swims regularly are

  • 80 percent lower in death rate

Swimming, water jogging, and aqua aerobics are lifetime physical activities and proven to slow down aging and increase lifespan comparable to those of walking and running. Water related sports provide exercises that can be done for a whole life time regardless of age.

  • 30 per cent lower in the risk of heart related diseases

Many researches and findings had shown and proven that swimmers had lower mortality rates than those who were sedentary, walkers, and runners. The inverse associations persisted even after controlling for age, BMI, smoking, alcohol intake, family history, and prevalence of heart attack and stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and hypercholesterolemia

  • 35 per cent lower in depression and anxiety disorders

Swimming can help generate new brain cells in those parts of the brain where chronic stress has led to cell degeneration – this process is better known as hippocampal neurogenesis.  Swimming and contact with the water give a soothing feeling to stimulate the body and the mind. It might enhance our ability to process stress more easily.

8 Benefits of adults taking up swimming lessons

full body workout

Provides a full body workout

It is great for general well-being

Increase energy levels for all kinds of challenges

swimming icon

Destresses and relaxes your mind

Lowers the risk of diseases

Burn more calories in a relaxed way

swimming icon

Increase energy levels for all kinds of challenges

Exercising without a sweat

Become swimsafer certified today!


Swimsafer Certifications

Swimsafer Certificates are awarded after graduating from the swimming classes for kids.

  • Registration fees of $25 per assessment apply
  • Assessment done in all 25 public swimming pools in Singapore
  • Swimsafer 2.0
  • Endorsed under Sports Singapore
  • Ministry Of Education
  • Assessment done in all 25 public swimming pools
  • Private swimming lessons for kids in condominiums and clubhouses.

Our fees and registrations

Learn to swim with Friendly dolphin swim school today! We provide the most comprehensive and approved swimming lessons at all public swimming pools, private condominiums and clubhouses! Find out more and click on the links below:

  1. All new students are required to pay their fees via the following modes: Internet e-Payment (eNets Debit, Bank Transfer, Paynow, Paylah, eNets Credit) – available unless specified otherwise during enrolment
  2. Strictly no cash payment
  3. All students have to make payment before every four lessons upon successful registrations.
  4. School fees and deductions will be informed by the school coordinator 3 to 7 days before every due payment


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adult swimming lessons
adult swimming lessons
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