Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Unsure of which type of lessons you will respond best to? Don’t be afraid to try both group classes and individual classes because you may actually find advantages from both. In group lessons, you might have lesser individualized time to ask questions and get critique, but you will gain opportunities to ask questions and concerns other people might have and take something positive away from.

#1: Swim Safer Certifications – National Water Safety Program Approved By Sports Singapore

Swimsafer is a national water safety program developed to raise the standard of water safety and swimming competencies of Singaporeans. Created for children below the age of 16. Our school will provide proven designed swimming lessons to instill sound, useful knowledge and skills to build all 6 stages of swimming proficiency and evolve your kids from non-swimmer to swimmer.

#2: Benefits Of Joining Us For Swimming Lessons

  • Our swimming lessons are comprehensive and seeks to increase the swimming and water safety skills of everyone.
  • Proven swimming program to prevent drowning and increase the participation in safe aquatic activity.
  • Achieve attainments of all 6 stages of swim-safer national programs and be national certified.
  • Graduates from the swim-safer programs will gain entry to become lifeguard and swim coach certified.
  • Accredited under AUSTSWIM
  • Accredited members of Singapore Swimming Teacher Association.
  • National Registry Of Coaches (NROC – Certified)
baby swimming lessons
Weekdays 8.00 - 21.00
Weekends 8.00 - 21.00
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Baby Swimming Lessons

All our coaches are certified under AUSTSWIM and have few years of prior experience to make sure the lessons are fun, safe and productive to both parents and babies.

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kids swimming lessons
Weekdays 8.00 - 21.00
Weekends 8.00 - 21.00
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Toddler Swimming Lessons

All our coaches certified under NROC, SSTA, AUSTSWIM will be there to give professional guidance and make the lessons as engaging and productive as possible to get students on the path of swim success.

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