Nowadays there are more and more people getting obese worldwide, there has been a lot of researches and a lot of talks about how heavier Singaporeans are now then compared to the 1960s when Singapore just gained independence. Obesity are associated directly or indirectly to a lot of health problems and issues such as diabetes, colon cancer and heart issues which was recently heavily emphasized and addressed by PM Lee Hsien Loong.

Obesity in Singapore has been rising at a faster rate in people below the age of 40 and the major reason for the cause of such issues now is due to the big drop of physical activity when people started working. This is a bad phenomenon and negative heath chart for Singaporean. It is extremely important for those people still in their 20s, this kind of substantial ill lifestyle changes will have significant impact to them in their 60s. So it’s time to increase your activity, become more active in your daily living and learn good nutritional food intake to curb all the rising diabetes and associated illnesses early. Swimming sports is one of the sports known to have many benefits and one that causes less impact and easier to do for working adults.

The Singapore Environment:

The obesity and your weight are the result of many bad lifestyle choices and minor uncontrollable factors working together. Voluntary choices will be the choices you make like choosing what kind of food to eat, diet plans, knowledge, education. Involuntary choices will be like the environment you live in, metabolism and genes.

Obesity does not happen overnight just like weight loss program also doesn’t work overnight.

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