Bedok Female Swimming Coach


“Your strong beliefs determine how far you will actually go in life”, this life quote is the philosophy this female swimming instructor from Singapore have been living by for the past many years.

This is also the true core values that actually inspired her to move forward to become a female swimming coach. Female swimming coaches are rare in the industry, due to stress and physical strains it can do to a lady. This very belief have empowered her to work harder, making better decisions and eventually make her a successful coach to learn from.

With more than 7 years of experience in the swimming industry, she have worked on many swimming projects both locally and overseas spanning the South East Asian Region. During her free time, she often organizes triathlon competitions and ironman challenges. Always striving to challenge her limits both physically and mentally in sports.

She believes that teaching is the most important profession in the world. And more so as a swimming teacher, swimming is a life skill that evokes many benefits associated with it. It is the only life skill in the world that can actually saves your life and bring convenience to you at the same time.

Every successful teacher have a goal in mind and that is to motivate their students to do their best. Some people might actually look down on teachers profession, maybe because good teachers are few and actually far between. But most students will usually have one teacher or two who had inspired them to excellence striving hard despite difficulties. Opening their mind to swimming and make them really love it in the end.

She was inspired during her younger days in swimming lessons. And now she hope to be one of the teachers that spark the impacts on her students. And that her students will one day look back on and say this choice was a good stepping stone in their future path and endeavors.

Bedok Female Swimming Coach

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