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A good swimming coach or swimming teacher is someone that is being looked up by their pupils as a role model. Students will look upon to teacher for knowledge and guidance. Friendly Dolphin Swim School strongly believe that a teacher have to possess several key characteristics that will make him or her shine out.

These are some of the characteristics that will make them best teachers and determine their level of success in teaching.  Especially in pool, a swimming teacher will always have to foster discipline and making sure the students maintain it at all times.

A teacher is a means of travel like a car, the students or athletes is the traveller. It is their own journey, teachers are there only to help them get to where they are supposed to be. Good coaching will always place the interests of the swimmers first.

Friendly Dolphin Swim School always make sure our teachers and private swimming instructors in Singapore have all of these qualities.

  • Knowledge
  • Patience
  • Good control and management of students
  • Effective communication
  • Empathy


  • Possess sound knowledge of the swimming subject
  • Always keeping the knowledge up to date
  • Always admit when teacher do not know the answer and make it a business to find out


  • Teacher have to understand not everybody will be learning at the same pace
  • Aware that children’s behavior and attention spans will also try your patience
  • No matter what is thrown at you, teacher have to show patience and control at all times

Good Control And Management

control and management
  • This does not mean ruling with fear, just setting rules
  • Children have to be controlled for good safety purposes and learning purposes
  • Those stepping out of line will know they have done so and will not be tolerated
  • Letting pupils behave unruly throughout lesson not only make the lesson unsafe,
    students are also not learning anything
  • Golden rule is our teachers will always
    set out early on to show them who is the “boss”

Effective Communication

control and management
  • Ability to pass on information clearly and effectively
  • Effective communication will determine how fast the students learn
  • Essential to have wide knowledge of the subject
  • Conveying of information of knowledge is crucial in teaching
  • Pass the knowledge to the pupils in clear, concise way
  • Expertise in swimming understanding mechanism, techniques and human body


  • Teaching swimming requires empathy in all swimming teachers
  • Teachers need empathy when facing children who are scared
  • Toward adult who are feeling embarassed and equally scared of water
  • Towards children who are over excited at prospect of getting into the water
  • Child or adult who is trying very hard to keep up with the rest

Certified Swimming Coach

water confidence
  • NROC certified swimming teacher to teach in all public swimming pools
  • Friendly Dolphin Swimming Instructors are everywhere and travel island-wide in Singapore
  • Tampines swimming instructors and Sengkang swimming instructors are all certified under NROC
  • All our private swimming instructors in Singapore are certified under AUSTSWIM and SSTA
  • AUSTSWIM and SSTA certified swimming instructors to teach in all private and clubhouses swimming pools
  • All swimming pools include 25 public swimming pools, private condominiums and clubhouses

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  1. All new students are required to pay their fees via the following modes: Internet e-Payment (eNets Debit, Bank Transfer, Paynow, Paylah, eNets Credit) – available unless specified otherwise during enrolment
  2. Strictly no cash payment
  3. All students have to make payment before every four lessons upon successful registrations.
  4. School fees and deductions will be informed by the school coordinator 3 to 7 days before every due payment
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