Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lesson For Kids

Clear your mind and make you smarter

Regular swimming will improve our cognitive health such as better information retention and analytical skills.  This is not only good news for the work and studies, it is also beneficial as we age. Regular swimming will reduces the chances of inflammatory brain diseases and lower the glucose level which boost better brain cell growth. It will also aid in boosting mood, destress and suppress anxiety.

Kids who swim grow up to become active adults

We usually will not forget any memories we have in swimming and tend to forget the rest. Why? Because generally all of us love swimming! The swimming experience during our early childhood and the fun we had will stay forever. Swimming itself is also one of the crucial activity to combat early obesity.Swimming encompasses the three elements of physical activities recommended to keep the kids healthy.

Swimming will improve social well-being

Swimming is a social sport. Swimmers of all ages can mix together, train together and learn together with a coach. Pool time is a great time for family and members to gather together. Many studies have also revealed that exercise plus socializing together leads to better mental health. Have lower depression and anxiety levels than all their peers.

Swimming Lesson For Adults

Better lifestyle

Incorporate into your healthy lifestyle. Learning to swim will enable you to add in one more activity for your active life. Doing swimming with three times a week with balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle is one of the best way to remain positive and healthy. Do it with friends and it will be double the fun.  Do not be restricted to just land based cardio exercises.

Boost overall health

Swimming is one of the best exercise for burning your calories. The relaxing ways of exercise might deceive you to think that it does not burn fats as quickly as other cardio. In fact 30 minutes of swim per day will help you burn 200 calories 2 times more than walking. This in turn will boost your health guarding against heart disease, stroke and diabetes associated with obesity.

Look good, feel younger

Swimming is the only exercise that make your whole body muscles work together in different ways. Research have shown that regular swimmers had physiological functions as much as 20 years younger than their age. A swimmer’s blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular efficiency, sympathetic system as well as cognitive system were equivalent to someone younger.