A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary

Sengkang Swimming Coach

swimming coach

Sengkang swimming coach with 9 years of swim coaching experience

  • NROC Certified Swimming Instructor
  • Sengkang swimming instructors group assessment team

Character Traits

  • Possess good handle of communication
  • Enthusiasm in teaching and communicating
  • Patience, he accept that not all students will learn at the same pace.
    And show control and patience at all time.

Teaching Venues

  • Bukit Batok Swimming Complex,
  • Senja Swimming Complex,
  • Tampines Hub Swimming Complex
  • Pasir Ris Swimming Complex
  • Heartbeat @ Bedok Swimming Complex
  • Sengkang Swimming Complex
  • Private Condominiums and Club Houses

Sengkang swimming lessons

Private group classes are cap at 6 and public pool group classes cap at 10. Depending on individual learning style, group classes cap at 6 are usually more conducive to progress and bigger group cap at 10 give students the space to compete.  Friendly Dolphin swimming classes are conducted on weekdays daily from 8am to 12pm and 4pm-9pm.

Weekends classes are done in private condo pools in Sengkang and Punggol area as well as Sengkang Public Swimming Complex. Classes starting from 3pm on saturday and full day classes available for sunday!

It is imperative to know that all people, regardless of age, ability and gender, is good to pick up and learn swimming. Swimming is one of the most valuable recreational, educational and lifesaving skill. In fact it is the only skill that can keep you fit for the whole life, and the only skill that can save your life and others someday.

Learn to swim with Friendly dolphin swim school today! We provide the most comprehensive and approved swimming lessons at Sengkang swimming complex! Find out more and click on the links below: